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The Amazing Drell Adept

Didn’t play Mass Effect 3 for a long time and picked the game up again about 3 to 4 weeks ago. Played mostly Silver games because you can hardly find players in ME3 public Bronze games anymore especially during week days in my time zone.

The few characters that I would usually bring to Silver games are the Human Engineer, who is an all rounder power house and provides great support to the team, or a Turian Sentinel, who is hardy and good with the guns. Occasionally, I would bring a Batarian Brawler Vanguard to Silver games, but he is a lot less useful in Silver due to stronger enemies– a wrong charge would get him killed.

Decided to give the fragile Drell Adept a try on Silver yesterday, expected to do badly, and get booted out by other team players in the next game.

We were in wave 10. The thing that I hated most in wave 10 of silver games is to complete an objective especially the hacking, very often, the team will get overwhelmed by the relentless waves of bosses. We got a pizza delivery objective here.

A player got the goods and the rest of the team escorted him back to the extraction zone. To our horror, the extraction zone was filled with enemies– the Atlas, Phantoms, and a whole crew of other lower ranked mooks. Needless to say the team got slaughtered, in the midst of the mess, someone did manage to get the goods to the extraction zone, but with the sacrifice of 2 players, either stomped to death by the Atlas or instant killed by Phantoms.

We were now down to a Qurian Infiltrator and my Drell Adept, could we complete the remaining task?

We were bombarded badly and I got myself killed when trying to revive the remaining partner, not giving up, both of us used the medi gel, unfortunately, due to the Qurian Infiltrator’s bad position, she went down again. Naturally, I tried to revive her but got hit badly as well, in a split second, I remember how most Sliver games ended badly– when one player fell, the rest of the team got mobbed trying to revive him/her in a bad situation. I decided to run away, re-group, hopefully she would do the same after using a medi-gel. But unfortunately, she didn’t manage to even after wasting another 2 or 3 medi-gels.

Oh my god, I am alone, and to make things worse, there is still an objective to complete. There were 2 Atlases, with a group of guardians. I was in despair, almost wanted to give up, but decided to die gloriously instead. So I ran towards the goods, picked the baggage up, good, the enemies were clustered together following me. Fired a few Reaves at them, and crawled towards the extraction zone. Just a few steps away from completing the objective, a few Guardians turned up at the corner and shot me to death.

Used another medi-gel, and ran the opposite direction, got ambushed by an Engineer, gosh, I had to take him down fast before he set up a turret to make my already miserable life worse.

I ran around to the other far end and waited for the enemies to come to me. Took down a couple of them, and dashed back to the goods, tada! A touch down! Reaved and threw all my grenades at the 2 Atlases and party, creating massive biotic explosions, not sure how many did I kill, because they were all hidden in smoke. I turned my back and pop an Ops Survival pack, but I am now out of grenades. Great, it would take me forever to get my inventory up. I was lost again, what am I going to do? There is still a possibility that both Atlases survived my grenades bombardment.

Thank my lucky star that, I remember reading from somewhere using the Ammo reload pack would replenish the grenades as well. Great, let’s give it a try, and true enough, I have 4 more grenades to play with.

I hid at a column and waited, wow, only one Atlas left, the rest of the enemies went down with my mad grenades rush to the smoke awhile ago. The lone Atlas didn’t survive the next wave of biotic explosions that I threw at it, and voila! Wave completed!

Looking back, I could have used the missile. But at the point of time, I was so nervous that I totally forgotten about the missiles that I have been carrying with me.

The Drell Adept’s Reave is very powerful. It won’t take out the enemy instantly, but will slowly chew their health away for the entire duration or could be used to set up gigantic biotic explosion with the Clustered Grenade. I was surprised when the I got the message that only one enemy was left because all the while I thought there were a few others scattered around the map which I didn’t kill. I only threw Reaves at them and ran away. These mooks were probably killed over the power duration. The other possibility is they were all killed in one big cluster when I set up multiple biotic explosions. They were hidden in smoke so I couldn’t count how many were there.

I thought for long how did my squishy Drell Adept survive while other stronger characters died in the game? One possible explanation is the Drell’s agility. I got a feeling that it runs faster (need to confirm this), in the game example, I could run out of a bad situation while the other survivor, Quarian Infiltrator could not despite using a few medi-gels. Same situation in the game where I first “solo” a wave in Bronze game, using Drell Adept as well, I could run out of the massacre while the rest couldn’t.

Though it is not the first time I “solo” a section of silver games, but doing this so “spectacularly” using a squishy Drell Adept is amazing. Drell Adept is definitely up in my permanent roster of characters for Silver games.

Good Games, Bad Games

I was on an extremely good run 2 weeks ago with some random players on Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Silver games, clearing games after games until I gotta leave reluctantly to sleep. I think we played at least 8 to 9 games with only 1 failed mission at wave 10. Everyone just stuck together, while I stunned all the targets using Energy Drain for teammates’ easy sniping.

While I am not a good ME3 player and I might not be able to lift the team especially in Silver, but I think (I hope other players think that too), I am not a burden to the team. When teamed up with bad players, grrr… it would be real tough for me as I can only take care of myself in Silver.

I was with this group of players, where everyone would just run in different directions, needless to say, we did not manage to go past wave 7 or 8 in every games. Finally I decided to quit the group after 3 or 4 games.

There was also this random group that I joined, did not complete even the 3rd wave, odd enough, they kicked me out despite the fact that I was the 2nd highest scoring, so close to the top spot, perhaps it has something to do with my low N7 ranking…

The worst games that I have played so far? It gotta be a couple of bronze games 2 days ago with a rank 200+ N7 who was teaching his friend how to play ME3 multiplayer and both were talking on the mic throughout the games. His friend is new the MP which I can tell easily because his N7 rank is exact equal to his character’s level. I am fine and have patience for new players as I have been through the same, I even mentally prepare myself to stay close to this guy to assist/ revive him if need be, bronze is no longer a problem for my Female Infiltrator.

I do not know what the experienced friend is trying to teach his friend, both of them never took part in any escort process, in fact, any team objectives except the eliminating of the high profile enemy personnel. They were busy raking up kills, and exhausted their cobra missiles whenever a boss character appear . That’s fine too, if they could at least take care of themselves. But while me and the other player were escorting the drone, they HAVE.TO.DIE somewhere far. I screamed (glad I wasn’t on mic) when the other player ran away from the escort process trying to revive them, and got killed. So it was all me alone escorting the drone slowly, and ran to their rescue after that…

Hacking was again, me alone, the pair of friends never appear, they did not even bother to stick around nearby helping to take care of the enemies while I remained in the hacking circle. I have to fend for myself, running in and out of the circle, stopping the hack process in between. Finally the other player came, and we completed the hacking.

The pair constantly die together, which I thought is very strange, as the “teacher” friend is 200+ N7 rank (much higher than me), though the ranking doesn’t tell how good a player is, but at least is telling how experienced the player is. The final straw came in the 2nd game when I had to run from one end to another to revive them again for the umpteenth time, after reviving them, I saw what’s coming ahead, cloaked and ran ahead trying to shotgun the cannibals to death. As I sprinted forward, both of them fell again! I decided to take care of the cannibals before returning to them. Instead of saying thanks and waited for my return, both were whining and screaming at me, something like, “Where did she go?” “Hey Bitch! Someone is dying here, where are you?”

On the final wave, with less than 30 seconds to extraction, god, please forgive my vulgarities, the pair had to charge (one of them is a vanguard) outside the extraction zone, and got themselves killed. I think the other player shared the same sentiment as me, we decided to stay and waited for our extraction leaving them to be eaten by the cannibals.

Mission Impossible

I was in a Mass Effect 3 Bronze game using a level 14 Drell Adept, Firebase ??? (not sure of map name), with Geth as the enemies. I never thought Geth was difficult until I started playing other characters instead of my good old Salarian Engineer, and many Geth games (bronze) ended with failed mission.

So, in this game, all teammates were down in one cluster, bombarded by Geth Pyros and Rocket Troopers, and I was the only one that escaped the massacre barely. Unable to revive the teammates, I decided to run, and used a Ops Survival pack. I was caught in a situation I have never been to– Solo, and the burden of success or failure of the mission on my shoulder.

As I ran away, I was shot by the Geth to low health and running out of Ops Survival pack, I thought that’s it, the end of the mission. Knowing all the teammates are now looking at me playing, I just couldn’t die, be called a noob, and a laughing stock in the ME3 community. I took cover, fired a few shots back and reave like a madman. Ran, cover, in between performed a few flipping stuns, took out another Geth, and one by one, I finally did it! Wave completed. I never felt so relieved and proud of myself in a mission, and I just have to pat my own head after that.

I think I am finally getting somewhere in the ME3 multiplayer game–  at least I am not a burden to the team any more. I managed to even become the 2nd highest scoring member with my Salarian Engineer. Yay.