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Inotia 4 – Assassin of Berkel

Though Inotia 3 wasn’t the nicest game around, it is sort of fun to pass time on a simple hack & slash “RPG” game. The successor- Inotia 4, looks promising at first, but fails miserably in my humble opinion. Utter disappointment couldn’t even describe my feelings towards the game.

Let me first talk about why I thought it was promising at first:

1. The graphics is sharper, and looks a lot better than Inotia 3, that’s the first impression I got.

2. There is substantial streamlining of the game eg., the develop removed many unused potions in Inotia 3, so now you just basically have 3 types of potions with the various sizes, which does ease on the inventory. As for composition material, there are a couple less in this instalment. To further ease inventory issues, you can now have another bag, and with a potential of 80 total usable inventory slots if you pay for those 16-slot bags. If this is not enough, you can even purchase lamps that could summon a merchant, so basically removing the inventory crunch many players were facing in the last game when crawling in deep dungeon.

3. The story up till before the ending was pretty intriguing- you belong to the Shadow tribe, a small renegade tribe hiding under the Berkel Empire. Your tribe leader is plotting something, and the plan smells evil all over, but you are kept in the dark on what was his plan. At the same, the Berkel Empire is going to war with the neighbour and both you and the Channel of Light, Eara, were caught in the middle of it; also while playing the game I kept thinking of the Orc war that was brewing as well, which I thought I would eventually get involved again.The story kept me moving and took away the pain of all the grindings, and the seemingly unending dungeon crawls.

Now to the bad part of the game, which is a lot in my personal point of view, and I am only listing a few key ones which bother me a lot.

1. Firstly, the developer took away the “party”, well, you can still form a party, but only with some speechless and emotionless mercenaries whom you summon using the mercenary emblems. You do not have characters with a a name on your team. I do not know what the developer is thinking when they implement this system, it took away a lot of imagination and attachment to the team. Since Eara is with your character all the time, why don’t they make her a playable character?

2. Commercialization and money grabbing oozes everywhere in the game, which disgusted me very much. You no longer have party resurrection scroll, and if you want the same thing, pay 5 gem to get your party resurrected. The Gem has to be bought with real money. You can’t get a “hero” emblem in the game any more, you want a godlike mercenary, pay. You don’t get ultimate drops as often in the game any more, through my relentless grinding, I only came across one ultimate grade (purple) item. If you really want one, buy with gems again. Don’t bother, that’s my opinion. I paid for a full set of “God” armour with “God” weapons (all level 105 purple items) for my assassin, it does not make much difference, you can still be killed easily with only one or two shots, which bring me to my next rant.

3. The game balancing is extremely bad, bosses are so tough that you can win only with “improved resurrection scroll spamming”. The earlier part of the game was still bearable, too tough? Reload and grind another few levels. But towards the end game, my characters are all either at or near their max levels, and I couldn’t level them any more. Mind you, my main character has god like stats, with the help of paid chaos dice which leveled the character with at least 100+ points in key stats more than a normal character. I got so frustrated that I even pay for the God armor set with God like weapons, do they help? No, not at all! I could do it using the right characters combination and controlling the priest character, but I lost patience towards the end, and characters drop dead too fast to have a meaningful character control. In the end I just “hide” my main character, wait for potion to be ready, drink potion, score a few hits, when hit points is low, “hide”, rinse and repeat till the boss is dead. Luckily I am playing a rogue character with “hiding” skill. This tactic is pretty useless towards the end actually as I mentioned before, because your character die too fast.

4. Endless grinding. Grinding is a necessity in this game unlike the previous game where I completed the main game with only level 40+ characters. In this game, no. You have to grind and grind and grind, and grind some more.

5. The above could still be bearable if the story is good. Did I say the story opened up and developed nicely? Well, all I could say is it ended abruptly with not a single resolution at all! Oh god! When I saw the credit screen, I almost wanted to throw my iPad to the floor! Yes, you are still able to continue the game after the main story is over, probably saving and seeing Eara again. But the quests here are a lot worse, and it is just meaningless dungeon crawling as you would have hit the max level before the first ending. You think you are god? You will be humbled. The post game quests are so ill thought out and repetitive that after completing a few of them, I refused to play the game again any more.

There goes my rant, and I will never buy another game from the same developer ever again is an understatement, can I sue them for wasting my time?