Pokemon Go

Decided to create static pages for Pokemon Go tips to ease searching and referencing instead of browsing through the entire blog entries like my previous guide on War of Nations.

There are already tons of great guides and information on the internet, and I am not going to re-create/ repeat the information. What I am going to share is probably some location specific Pokemon hunting, and some information that I have digested and spilling them out in simpler, layman terms for the casual gamers.

If you are looking for detailed guides on Pokemon Go, I do recommend the followings:

  1. Trainer Tips Channel on Youtube, and you can follow his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/TRNRtips/. (By the way, Nick is in Team Instinct.)
  2. A good resource that I read a lot when I first started is from https://rankedboost.com/category/pokemon-go/ 
  3. The Silph Road site contains huge amount of tips and researches.