Pokemon Go


I haven’t been actively gaming recently until the release of Pokemon Go in Singapore. I was skeptical of the game at first, but curiosity took over and the rest is history.

Pokemon hunting has become the family’s weekend activity, and we have gone to many places in Singapore to hunt for the elusive Pokemon. I will share my experience of the hunt in coming posts soon. Stay tuned, and by the way, join Team Instinct if you have not selected any team yet.

Cease Fire

I have left War of Nations game for more than 3 years, yet I am receiving constant stream of comments and questions, thanks a lot. I would like to help to answer the questions but I am seriously outdated in the game development thus I am just posting your questions in the comments section and hopefully someone who is familiar with current game mechanics will be able to help.

By the way, is the game still on?

War of Nations on Android

Just realized that War of Nations is on Android now. The money stream from IOS devices has dried up?

Out of curiosity, I installed the game on an Android tablet, and fiddle around for awhile. Apparently, the Android game has its own servers, and the worlds are entirely different, example, World 1 in Android is not the same as World 1 in IOS. I made this judgement based on my memory of the top alliances of the different worlds, or the worlds have changed so drastically that the top alliances were all knocked off the chart?

I tapped on the “Add Gold” button, and saw the bundles available for new players. If you are a new player and intend to spend some money, the USD19.99 bundle is quite a good deal– you get 4500 gold instead of the usual 2400 gold, and you get 3 Elite Recruit packs plus a lot of other goodies such as outpost teleports and so on. Wow.

It brought back a lot of memories to me, my ex-comrades, the joy of capturing my first level 34 Renegade OP, the intense wars between the top ranked alliances, and so on. Was tempted to play a bit, but finally decided against it, why go through the frustration all over again?

By the way, thanks to all the comments, I could have missed quite a fair bit by deleting them accidentally in my fight against spams on the site (it is crazy, thousands of spam comments in a day) Anyway, glad that some of you have found my WON guides useful, and hope you have better experience in the game than me.

War of Nations Re-visited

I happened to find the game on my nephew’s iPad about a month ago, and out of curiosity, I went into the few worlds that I used to play and checked out the status.

Wow, was there a mass exodus? The world was so empty– when I checked the top 50 alliances, only the top 10 had full members, the rest were just struggling with like 30+ members in each alliance. I guess many players were just sicked and tired of the game, and left. As I told a fellow alliance member, “The saddest thing that could happen to the biggest bully clan in the game is when players started to leave the world, they can spend thousands of dollars, but with no one to fight, in the end they will leave too with a big hole in the pocket.”

For the players who are still playing the game, take a look outside your window, you have missed a lot in your life. My only regret in leaving the game is I should have done it a lot earlier.

Are Level 60 Epics really worth the deal? (War of Nations)

Gree role out training (or raiding) missions every week to entice players to spend money on getting one of these uber commanders. I have heard players commenting that what is so great about these Level 30/60 commanders? They can be merged to a maximum level of 90 which is the same as level 50 epics.

Let’s explore a little deeper into this topic.

1. Ease of attainment

Level 60 Epics might look difficult to attain at the first glance. The training missions are impossible towards the end even with 20 to 30 factories pumping out units; whereas you can get Level 50 Epics from either Elite Recruit packs or one of the Special Recruit packs (Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper) by getting  top 5 spots in events.

If you are just comparing the cost and ease of getting just one of the commanders, then Level 50 epics is the way to go, but to many players, one is not enough, they want multiple of the same commander so that they can merge all of them into a super level 90 commander. In this case, the Level 60 Epics seems like an easier option because you will always end up getting the same commander after you completed the missions.

2. The Perfectly Merged Commander

A perfectly merged commander is created by merging 2 of the same commanders at the same maximum level. You might want to read more on the commanders merger guide here. Only level 50 and level 60 Epic commanders can reach the maximum level of 90 in the game.

In order to create a perfect level 90 commander, you need 8 of the same level 60 Epic commanders, whereas you need a total of 16 of the same level 50 commander to create a perfect level 90 commander. If you are buying the Elite recruit packs, what are the odds of getting a level 50 Epic commander from the pack? What are the odds of getting 16 of the same commanders?

In conclusion, if you are looking to create a perfect level 90 commander, Level 60 Epics is the way to go. Do take note that Gree dish out only 8 of such commanders every cycle, thus you cannot miss/fail any of the weekly missions, and be prepared to spend thousands.


FAQ on Titanium and Uranium Mines (War of Nations)

The followings are my attempt to answer some of the commonly asked questions on Titanium and Uranium mines.

Q: Where are the Titanium and Uranium patches located?

A: They are located near to the center of the game map, in the Renegade 1100 and 1400 area. If you do not know where is the area, go to coordinates 0,0 and move around the location, you should be able to find a few Titanium and Uranium patches. Titanium looks like silver rocks, while Uranium is greenish looking pebbles.

Q: All the Titanium and Uranium spots are taken! I need Titanium and Uranium!

A: You do not need Titanium and Uranium mines to be successful in the game.

There are 2 ways, firstly, conquer and take over the other player’s outpost, but be mindful of full force retaliation by the player, and probably his alliance too. Secondly, unlike your Oil and Iron, Titanium and Uranium will run out after a certain period of time, and they will re-spawn at another location. So if you are really keen on these resources, always check for new spots and grab them before other players.

Q: I am in this newly opened world and no one has taken the Titanium and Uranium spots yet, shall I build my outpost now?

If you have just started the game and not spending crazy amount of Gold, you probably will not be able to beat the renegade units to build your outpost, so save your time and units.

Q: What is the unit make up to beat the renegade and build an outpost with Titanium or Uranium mine?

A: I really do not have an answer if you have only low level units and low level commanders. Some players might be able to achieve it with low level troops and commander with some secret recipe, unfortunately I do not have such recipe. You should do well with at least a level 40 commander and a lot of artillery units.

Q: What is the best strategy on Uranium and Titanium mines?

A: Firstly, join one of the top 3 alliances in your world. They control the mines in most worlds, if you are not one of them and you “unfortunately” build an outpost with a Titanium/ Uranium, you should congratulate yourself for a job well done if you are able to hold the outpost for more than a day.

Assuming you are an eligible candidate, ie., in a strong alliance that can back you up, build outposts in the 1100 or 1400 area, so that you can grab a newly spawned spot quickly. Whether you want to station troops in the Titanium/ Uranium outpost is entirely up to you, I have seen many players left them empty and station troops in a nearby outposts instead.

Q: Unfair! I want to build a lot of Titans and Hellfires! But I do not have access to the mines!

Yes, War of Nations is a more unfair than life. Fortunately for many of us, a lot of the units that require Uranium and/or Titanium to build is a waste of time. Personally, I think Hailstorm and Railgun Tanks, and to some extend, Titans, are the only units that are worth training. Railgun tanks are so precious that you will probably just hide them in your home base, so do you really need Uranium and Titanium mines? You do get some Titanium and Uranium by achieving the Battle Points missions, and personally I found the rewards to be sufficient for my games.

Ultimate Start in War of Nations

I want to write this Ultimate Start guide in a new world before I lose touch with the game. The following is based entirely on hypothesis, has not been tested personally, and I am not responsible for your failure in the game. Since I called it an ultimate guide, lavish Gold spending is a must here.

If you are new to the game, it is better for you to first read the following entries to have a basic understanding on how to start a War of Nations game, and also how to start in a newly opened world.

Let’s begin, and I am assuming you have played the game for like a month or so and you are pretty familiar with the game and events cycle, so I will be skipping on all those boring stuff like what to build and so on.

1. Joining a New World

Since we are going to spend Gold and a lot of them here, you have a wider flexibility on the timing you join a new world, you do not have to join it as soon as it opens. It is still better to join the world as soon you can, but you do have the luxury of time and thus able to make use of it to your best advantage. Example, if the new world opens in the middle of an alliances war or just a couple of days before it, you will be hard pressed to join a good alliance, or you could end up wasting money/ gold for troops and yet couldn’t win the event if you unfortunately joined a paper tiger.

I would think the best timing is individual events where you will have a good shot of getting yourself into the top 5. If you are a perfectionist, you might skip joining a new world when the event is unfavorable and wait for the next one to open.

2. Buy all the Cores

Before you start spending Gold on resources, buy all the power cores, fusion cores, and plasma cores that are required for all your 9 outposts. The reason is the amount of resources that you will be getting for the same amount of gold is tied to how many bases you can build, it does not matter whether you actually have the bases, as long as you have the required cores, the game will treat it as you have already built the bases.

This will give you tremendous savings on Gold if you intend to buy a lot of resources. You might want to save some gold for power cores by hitting the level 2 renegade outposts, but how fast you will get them is depend entirely on luck– in some games, it took me forever, while on another, I got all the required power cores within a day or two. If you are not getting them soon enough, I suggest you buy them since they are not expensive.

With all the cores on hand, you can have 10 bases quickly in the later part of the game, all pumping out resources and units to overwhelm your enemies.

3. Buy Elite Recruit Packs

The next thing to spend your gold after the power cores is get some good commanders.

Commanders play a very vital part in all battles, and getting good commanders early in the game will make a huge difference– a level 30 commander in an early world will make your enemies cry foul.

You will get rare level 30 commanders from the Elite recruit packs, if you are lucky, you might get an Epic commander. You do not have to spend a good fortune on this, perhaps 2 or 3 packs will do, because you will gain better commanders from events, and better yet– lay your hands on the Level 60 commanders from their recruit missions.

The following is optional and only for those who wants the best and optimum play, and most importantly, has no money constraint:

For the ultimate start, I suggest buy 20 of these packs, in this case, even if you did not manage to get an Epic commander, you will have at least a few similar rare commanders. Buy some Experience packs, and level them up to maximum level, then merge them. For a merger guide, please read here. If you do spend really a lot of gold, try to win 8 Level 60 commanders and merge all of them at same maximum level, eventually you will have a Level 90 invincible commander. Each of such commander will set you back around USD300 to 500 depending on your production level and number of factories.

You will not need to buy the Experience packs after you have access to good units– hitting the high level Renegade Outposts is a faster and more cost effective method. However, right now, you have just started the game so you might not have the troops yet, thus, it will be faster for you to buy the experience packs.

4. Building the Bases and Training the troops

You build the base as per normal, stretch them to deep area before breaking your immunity. Since we have all the required cores, there will be temptation to build all the 10 bases quickly. My suggestion is to pace your building speed, you do not want to end up as a super high level in a low level neighborhood and you will have a hard time gaining Attack Points, unless you do not mind attacking low level players to gain attack points inefficiently.

The ideal level is within 5 levels of your neighbors’ average levels. Get ahead, but not too far ahead. Make use of time cards and resource packs to speed up your troops training.

5. Joining an alliance

Depending on your available time and personal ambition, you can either create your own alliance or join an existing alliance. This part will cover mainly on joining an alliance, and if you are interested to know more on leading an alliance, please read a general guide here.

Needless to say, work on your AP  and try to join a top alliance, you wouldn’t know how successful the alliance will be, so as per my advise in beginners’ tips, lay low for a period of time before participating actively in the alliance. A good guide will be look at the top players list and see which alliances they are in, and if an alliance has many top players on the top 10, it is a good one to join. At this stage of the game, the top players are usually the heavy gold spenders, and you can tell by the number of bases that they have and also their level.

You want to be in not only a top alliance, but also in one that has many heavy gold spenders. They play very important roles in team events especially the troops training events.

6. Final Words

After you have settled in a good alliance, the game play is entirely up to you– one thing to remember is focus on winning events. The rewards from the events cannot be bought directly by gold, such as permanent boosts, those kick ass commanders like Black Rain, Gunrock, and etc. (You can buy them indirectly by spending hugely on troops training event though 🙂

My personal suggestion is to move on to capture the Level 34/38 Renegade Outposts early, it will give you tremendous advantage in the game later. When you have a few of these outposts (preferably all 9), you will no longer need to spend gold in the game except maybe chasing after the Level 60 commanders.

Farewell War of Nations

I have played the game for slightly more than 3 months and have recently left the game entirely. I had fun and got to know some very good friends– we struggled together, joined new worlds together, and finally exit the game one after another.

Things that I have experienced — joined a top alliance and playing the game at top level, led an alliance, owned Level 34 Outposts, ranked within top 50 personally for a period of time when I was very active (consistently around top 250 since)… At the same time, experienced the frustration of struggle while in a lowly ranked alliance, bullied by experienced players when I was new, farmed by high level players, gone through the horror of entire alliance cluster destruction within a day.

I do have the honor to meet a few noble players in game– principled players who would not attack any members from his ex alliance, leader who honored his words and contained his members from attacking another alliance despite the fact that the other alliance was down to only a few active players.

Unfortunately, I was exhausted from constant war fare, tired of not having a middle ground in the game, and burned out by the long hours of playing it. I was especially sicken by the updates where the game became so imbalanced and favor the rich players.

My happiest days in War of Nations was when I was a lowly noob in a nooby alliance which was out of the radar of the top alliances. The stress came after I learned the ropes, rose in ranks, and joined a top alliance.

Well, time to go, and I am not sure whether I will continue to post tips on the game, because I will be losing touch with every new updates, and my tips might not be relevant anymore. If you do come across this post, take some time off to think about how it has affected your life, and what a futile effort it is to play against big spenders, perhaps it is time for you to leave as well.

Interesting Development (War of Nations)

I am slowly phasing out some of my games, but at the same time I keep joining new worlds, not that I intend to re-start in these new worlds, I am there just for interesting read and information, and especially interested in seeing how that world evolves and unfold though I do know clearly how it will end 🙂

I noted that a particular alliance quickly dominated a new world and taken the top 2 spots (by the main and sister alliance). As time passed, the leader sort of lose steam– when I saw his level stagnated, and his personal ranking dropping quickly– I thought the alliance might lose top position soon, and true enough, it dropped a couple of places after a few weeks, and the sister alliance is now in limbo.

Leader’s personal ranking in a new world is important, the leader has to be aggressive both in spending money and attacking in a new world else the alliance will not only unable to attract new players, but will have a difficult time keeping the current players. It is very different from a matured world where money is spent only occasionally for the uber Level 60 commander if one is interested, teleports, and other minor purchases. The leaders’ personal ranking and strength is no longer important in matured world.

I joined another latest world and was surprised to see many familiar names in the world chat. Substantial number of players from different worlds that I played joined this new wild west. I even noticed a few players from rival alliances in another world working together here.

I did not think much of the top alliance in this world when it started, because the reason why the alliance is able to get into the top in another world is mainly attributed to its leader– who spent substantially in the beginning, played cleverly and maneuvered shrewdly. The player who led the alliance probably forgotten how they rose in ranks in their older world, and thought he might be able to replicate the success here. True enough, the alliance was dethroned in just a few days, and is now nowhere to be seen in the top 50– sadly, and most probably, disbanded when the leader felt the heat. He is of no match to many top players from other competitive worlds.

The other strange and interesting phenomenon that I observed after starting in many newer worlds is that, some alliance names just keep popping up in every world. They were struggling to keep within top 50 in some of the worlds that I played, and is that the reason why they keep starting in a new world and hope they can achieve better? They did not realize that if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same result, furthermore, the game is evolving, the old tricks that worked might not be relevant anymore, the game is unfortunately, about money now.

Min-Maxing in War of Nations

Min-maxing is popular in many online game, that is, minimize certain stats (hence lowering the levels) and maximize the attacking stats (hence the damage). It is popular in MMORPG where a player purposely omit trainings in certain skills to minimize his/her level fooling other players into thinking that he/she is an easy target, and when being challenged, dealt extremely high damage output killing the poor bully in a duel or PK (player killing) session with the bully wondering what just happened.

Min-maxing is possible in War of Nations as well, especially during the early stage in a newly opened world, and is not as feasible during the later stage. Why do you want to min-max in War of Nations?

The reason is simple, firstly, it will not be efficient for players who are 5 levels above you to attack you, while on the other hand, you can probably decimate any players around your level or even a few levels higher than you. This means that you will be indomitable for a brief period of time provided that you keep clear of the super high levels (well, coiners).

Before I go further, we have to understand how your experience points is accumulated in War of Nations. Building upgrades and researches will push your level up, gaining Attack Points will gain you some experience as well, but limited to a certain extend. I am not sure how it works but I did gained a few levels after I stopped upgrading my buildings and focused on just attacking in one of my games.

So the trick for min maxing in War of Nations is simple. Keep your buildings to barely meet the research requirements and production output that you need. The first stage is to skip as many researches as possible and go straight to Hawk, remember you do need the factory levels though. Example, you just need tanks, helicopters, hailstorm, arachnid (just to use up the Uranium), and possibly rocket trucks, so you skip the rest and go straight for Hawks. Do remember to upgrade some factories to the appropriate levels to produce Hawks.

In one of my game, I was rolling with Hawks when I was about level 16/17, pretty amazing I would say, even killing players with more than 5 levels above me. After getting Hawks, skip the rest and go straight to Artillery. When you have the Artillery, and especially if you get them earlier than the rest of the players in the world, hopefully, you can get them before hitting level 25/26, this will give you tremendous advantage for a brief period of time, and it will probably propel you to the top 50 players in that world.

The effect is even better if you spend some gold to buy Elite Recruit packs– hitting players with rare or higher commanders. If you have more gold, you could probably get to Artillery even earlier because you do not rely on your own iron, oil, and fuel production to have enough resources for the Research Center upgrades and units production.

Enjoy this brief period of invincibility (almost), and get yourself into the top alliance in that world, and you will have a smooth sailing game play there.