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A Far Fetched Mission

My boy gave me an assignment for my Taiwan trip– to catch a Farfetch’d Pokemon. It was a short business trip but I thought the mission wasn’t too difficult, and I should encounter quite a few here and there. How wrong was I.

Started the Pokemon Go app the moment I got hold of a local data plan, and began tracking the sighting list while I was on the bus to Taoyuan High Speed Rail station. No Farfetch’d in sight. In fact, there wasn’t any sighting of it at all for the whole journey from Taoyuan HSR station to my hotel in Taichung, and my brief loitering around the HSR stations. Not a good sign, but I am not losing any faith.

After checking into the hotel, I decided to go for a long walk around the hotel vicinity, and fired up an incense to help increase the chance of napping the duck. It was a pretty long walk, and I probably covered more than 1km away from the hotel (both directions along the main road). At the end of the walk, my faith was shaken, it is perhaps not as common as someone else has claimed to be, or at least not in Taichung.

The next day was a busy day, thus I could only check the phone occasionally: nope, zip, no sight of it at all. Not a big problem, there is still an evening ahead of me. I moved to Taoyuan again and checked into another hotel which is situated right at the heart of Taoyuan city.  There are many Poke Stops around the hotel and I could access one from my room, great, I could fire up some lures too.

Desperation began to set in by the time I put up the lure, because I have walked for an hour earlier and there was, again, no sighting of the elusive bird. I increased the potency level with a dose of incense running at the same time as the lure, and sigh, only the common Pokemon were attracted to the lure and incense.

I checked out of the hotel feeling totally disheartened the next morning, but nevertheless, switched on Pokemon Go on the way to the airport, and what was that shadow on my sighting list? Enlarge the sighting list, and it’s Farfetch’d! No doubt about it, and the phone started vibrating while I tried to make a screen shot. My hands were shaking, heart throbbing hard, forget about the screen shot, as I quickly close the list and hopeful to seeing it for the first time! Darn! It was an Oddish! Check my sighting list again, and it was no longer on it as the taxi moved away.

The last incense that I put up while I was at the airport didn’t do much, and the only hope left was the three 5KM eggs that I have picked up in Taiwan with 2 already near hatching, which in the end hatched into 90+% IV Bellsprout and Horsea.

My boy was a little disappointed and all hope was pinned on the last egg, and lo and behold, it hatched into a…

Krabby from Taiwan


CRAP Crab…

Well, I am going to Taiwan again in February, and this time, I will set aside more time, load up more lures and incenses to camp at a multi-stops location.

The San Francisco Pokemon Tracker is Coming

Just as I suspected when I noticed some Pokemon spawn points being removed and the newly created points were clustering around Poke Stops, Niantic is getting ready to roll out the San Francisco Tracker. The tracker is now being tested in more US cities, and I believed will be here very soon once they have ironed out the bugs and scaling issues.

The tracker is one thing, but why the need to remove other spawn points? This will disadvantaged the rural players even more, not that there are many rural areas in Singapore. The spawn points have provided not huge but consistent stream of Pokemon to players on days when they are not venturing far. Personally I do walk around the neighborhood trying to map more points so that I can plan my walking route on days when I couldn’t travel far; and on other times when I am indoor at home, I could still check the five spawn points within 50M of my home at specific timing.

After the last update, just walk around the Poke Stops if there is any near your neighborhood, good luck, and for me, I should be contented that there are still two spawn points within 50M of my house.

Edit on 8 Nov 2016: Hmm… Seems like Niantic heard me, just this morning I noticed a few more spawn points were added!

Here’s the news from Trainer Tips on the new tracker being rolled out in more cities:

Pokemon Spawn Changes

While I was shuttling between cities in Taiwan a couple of days ago, I was curious about the sighting list– it has almost always a page full of Pokemon on the list. Though they are mainly the common Pokemon, but nonetheless, always exciting to see more Pokemon variety.

When I reached home yesterday, it was the same in Singapore! And I caught 2 Sandshrews around my neighborhood, which was previously not seen in the vicinity. So, Taiwan is not so special after all, Niantic has made some changes to the Pokemon spawn.

Pokemon Go Sighting List

Pidgey and Ratatta not back from Halloween?

Besides making changes to the Pokemon spawn biome, spawn points were changed significantly as well: some spawn points were removed while new ones were added, and those remaining spawn points have their spawn timing changed too. It is a total reshuffle. The spawn points in my neighborhood was relatively stable for the last couple of months, that is, there wasn’t any noticeable changes to the spawn location and timing, but now, I might have to re-map my neighborhood, just when I was about to publish/ share my spawn map with Pokemon players in the same estate.

Unless the new spawn points remain relatively stable, I am not sure whether it is worthwhile to re-map. We shall wait and see.

The last noticeable change is the spawn duration is extended, based on my short tests, I think it is more than 20 minutes, which is good as it gives players more time to track down the Pokemon, especially when chasing the rares.

Overall, I think the recent update is great, though the location change is extremely bad to me personally (4 removed, 1 newly added, and remaining 1 with change in timing), well, spawn location changes will always be neutral to the community as a whole– boon to some while bane to others.

By the end of Halloween Event

Halloween Spawns

You’ll be missed!

The Halloween event brought back some excitement in Pokemon Go. I could see lures up at the Poke Stops near my house again, and it’s really been a long while since I last seen two Poke Stops fired up with lures at the same time there.

Too bad the event is near school kids’ examination in Singapore, thus we could not go all out to make full use of the double candies bonus. Nevertheless, these are what I got during the Halloween event besides the excellent 10KM hatches:

  1. Achieved gold medal for ground type Pokemon.
  2. Achieved silver medal for ghost type Pokemon. I could probably push for gold medal with just 20+ Pokemon to go, but decided to leave it that way.
  3. Caught eleven Marowaks from the wild. I have not seen one in the wild before the event.
  4. Didn’t manage to catch any good Gengar during the event, and the few high IV Gastly that I caught are very low CP. However, I have more than 1000 Gastly candies now, and I will probably evolve one with reasonable CP and IV.

I am now saving up 10KM eggs, hopefully by the Christmas event, I will have nine 10KM eggs!

Halloween Hatches

As written in previous entry, instead of waiting to get nine 10KM eggs, I decided to hatch whatever I have on hand to make the full use of the Halloween bonus. All the eggs hatched during my morning walk– six 10KM eggs, two 5KM eggs, and one 2KM egg, and the results are… TADA!

Pokemon Hatches

The first 9 Pokemon are freshly hatched

Just as I wished in my last entry: Snorlax, Lapras, and Dratini!

With this hatch, I am probably going to write about the myths surrounding how/where to get eggs, and where to hatch the eggs. If you want a quick summary, it is all random.

Pokemon Go Halloween Event


Hatched from a 5KM egg, 2nd time!

Gastly is everywhere! Which is a welcome change instead of the usual trio (Ratatta, Pidgey, and Weedle) from the spawn points around my house. The Gastly candies add up very quickly, and I am hopeful of another Gengar after this event.

Three of my 5KM eggs also hatched this morning with double candies, and one of them is a Porygon! This is the second time it hatched from an egg, and I probably have enough candies for and Porygon-2 when Gen 2 arrives! With this event, I am going to switch my plan of collecting nine 10KM eggs to hatch them all at the same time, and start hatching the six 10KM that I already have to make use of this event to gain the double candies bonus.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a Lapras or Snorlax, well, Dratini is not too bad as well considering the candies bonus.

Yishun Park Singapore

Yishun Park Pokestops

Center of the 4 Pokestops

What makes Yishun Park a popular gathering point for Pokemon Go trainers is the four closely placed Poke Stops around the pavilion where trainers could sit comfortably to catch Pokemon. The frequent sightings of Snorlax around the area is the icing on the cake (or was this the main reason?) and adds excitement & uproar whenever it is near.

Last Sunday was my 4th trip to Yishun Park over 2 months, so on average, I have been visiting the park every fortnight. The lures were still up with some contributions from my boy and wife, but the crowd size has shrunk considerably to only about 50 players. Still a good size but no where near its former glory where you could see a few hundred players crowding the small area.

I am not sure whether the latest migration affect the spawns there, it has been spawning water type Pokemon since day one, Magikarp, Psyduck, Slowpole, and the occasional Draitini. I guess this has nothing to do with nest, but more of a natural habitat for water based Pokemon. Magikarp is good for power leveling though due to its high capture rate, and with the latest catch bonus, Yishun park will probably maintain its popularity for power players in the neighborhood.

Good Hatch Day

I have had my fair share of bad egg hatches, but not today.

Exeggutor 100% IV

Exeggutor with 100% IV, not bad moves too!

Four 5km egg hatched– two 88% IV Pokemon (Mankey and Venonat) and one 100% Exeggcute! When I saw the CP of the Exeggcute, I knew immediately it has superb IV (my two previous 86% IV Exeggcute have 605/606 CP). It joins my Dragonite, Seaking, and Magneton in the 100% club.

I am hatching another four 5km eggs now, and I will be happy as long as they are not Ekans, Goldeen, Krabby, Doduo, and Tentacool.

Catch Bonus

I was about to write a rant blog on the stupidity of Niantic’s decision to penalize higher level players in catch rate, and to add salt to the wound, the Pokemon level scales with Trainer’s level as well.  Not that I am complaining about level scaling, unlike RPG, level scaling is great for Pokemon Go. But when a Weedle flee from you for the umpteenth time (and after wasting 7 or 8 balls on it)… you get what I mean.

Personally I do not mind moderate level of grinding, and try catching every Pidgey, Ratatta, and Weedle that I encounter. But it frustrates me very much when I couldn’t even capture the most common Pokemon effectively. Then came the announcement, followed shortly by the release of the update, 0.41.4. I think this is the best update ever besides the buddy Pokemon update.

I experimented with the new update: besides a stubborn 196 CP Caterpie, which escaped like 5 times, Pokemon catching generally feels much easier, and most of the common Pokemon are caught within 2 balls. Yes, good news, the catch rate improvement is very obvious if you have the related gold medal(s) for the Pokemon.

Thanks Niantic, now, can we have Platinum medal, pretty please?

Unsung Dragonite Killer

For those who do not have good ice/ fairy type Pokemon like me, facing a gym full of high level Dragonite is a daunting task. No worry, if you have a Gyarados with Bite/ Dragon Pulse move set.


No STAB, not a problem

What? Isn’t this move set used for gym defense? I have tested it a few times– my 1888 CP Gyarados could take down a 2400 CP Dragonite easily, and I am not even a good dodger.

Bite is very fast, and it could charge up Dragon Pulse very quickly, allowing you to spam it on Dragonite. However, you do have to pay attention to the Dragonite’s charge move and the timing to unleash Dragon Pulse, because you do not want to get into the situation where your Gyarados got hit by the Dragonite’s charge move while you are trying to release yours. The best time to discharge Dragon Pulse is immediately after dodging the Dragonite’s charge move, and if you could hit it twice, it will go down very quickly after a few cycles.

Pokemon Go is not all about DPS, whether a Pokemon is useful or not depends a lot on what Pokemon you are fighting against and what other Pokemon you have in your bag. In my case, I will probably have no good use for a Bite/ Hydro pump Gyarados because I already have two very good Water Gun/ Hydro pump Vaporeons. Having said that, I am still unable to find good use for my Twister Gyarados.