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Pokemon Go


I haven’t been actively gaming recently until the release of Pokemon Go in Singapore. I was skeptical of the game at first, but curiosity¬†took over and the rest is history.

Pokemon hunting has become the family’s weekend activity, and we have gone to many places in Singapore to hunt for the elusive Pokemon. I will share my experience of the hunt in coming posts soon. Stay tuned, and by the way, join Team Instinct if you have not selected any team yet.

Cease Fire

I have left War of Nations game for more than 3 years, yet I am receiving constant stream of comments and questions, thanks a lot. I would like to help to answer the questions but I am seriously outdated in the game development thus I am just posting your questions in the comments section and hopefully someone who is familiar with current game mechanics will be able to help.

By the way, is the game still on?

War of Nations on Android

Just realized that War of Nations is on Android now. The money stream from IOS devices has dried up?

Out of curiosity, I installed the game on an Android tablet, and fiddle around for awhile. Apparently, the Android game has its own servers, and the worlds are entirely different, example, World 1 in Android is not the same as World 1 in IOS. I made this judgement based on my memory of the top alliances of the different worlds, or the worlds have changed so drastically that the top alliances were all knocked off the chart?

I tapped on the “Add Gold” button, and saw the bundles available for new players. If you are a new player and intend to spend some money, the USD19.99 bundle is quite a good deal– you get 4500 gold instead of the usual 2400 gold, and you get 3 Elite Recruit packs plus a lot of other goodies such as outpost teleports and so on. Wow.

It brought back a lot of memories to me, my ex-comrades, the joy of capturing my first level 34 Renegade OP, the intense wars between the top ranked alliances, and so on. Was tempted to play a bit, but finally decided against it, why go through the frustration all over again?

By the way, thanks to all the comments, I could have missed quite a fair bit by deleting them accidentally in my fight against spams on the site (it is crazy, thousands of spam comments in a day) Anyway, glad that some of you have found my WON guides useful, and hope you have better experience in the game than me.

Castle Clash

Castle Clash is another game started by my son and I got interested after watching him play. It is another online war game very much similar to War of Nations, and because I am playing both at the same time, I will make a lot of comparisons between the two.

Castle Clash is an online war game (strategy game?) set in a fantasy world where you will build different type of buildings, upgrade them, and as they are being upgraded, they will be able to produce more resources, and train more units.

Players will be able to raid other players for resources, very similar to War of Nations, but it has a limit or cap on who you can raid, that is, you cannot raid a player that is far below your “Might” level. Might level is calculated by adding the building levels, heroes level, units levels, and etc. This is a good thing as it can prevent high level players from constantly raiding you, and if you fail to defend your castle, you will get immunity for a short period of time where no one else can attack you. The duration granted depends how how badly you are damaged, example, if you are totally destroyed (100% buildings destroyed), you will get 12 hours of immunity.

Another good implementation of the raiding system is it gives the defender an advantage, that is, units and buildings destroyed by the invading force will be replenished immediately (not sure resources will be consumed), while attackers will need time to train the lost units again. This protects a player from resource and units depletion from multiple raids, and be left defenseless. This is what War of Nations need to learn from this game. In War of Nations, aggression is encouraged, you lose less by attacking– 40% rebuild for attackers against 20% for defenders.

You can hire heroes in Castle Wars too, and they are like your special troops where you can level them up and they will not die. If they are destroyed in a raid, they can be revived after a certain period of time. Heroes play a very important part in this game besides sending them to raids, they can be used to challenge other players in Arena. The Arena is a very important area where every players should participate because it will give “Honor Badges” every hour, and the quantity per hour is determined by a player’s Arena ranking. Honor Badges are used to hire heroes, and also to progress them to the next stage.

Now to the commercial part of this game. As in every “free” mobile device game, you will have the option to purchase gems in this game. Gems is like the gold in War of Nations. The main differences between the 2 games are you can gain a lot of free gems by achieving certain milestones in Castle Clash, and even by simple actions like logging in. Gems can be used in various way: recruiting heroes, filling up your money and mana vault, speed up construction, hire workers, and etc. In War of Nations, you get 500 gold the first time you log in, and that is it, no more free gold.

The gems is cheap as compared to War of Nations gold– you get more things done by the amount of real money spent. In fact, you do not need to spend a lot in this game if you adopt a relax pace. Gems will speed up certain things for you, but it will not give you an unfair advantage like in War of Nations.

If you do not like raiding other players like me, raiding NPC is interesting as well, and you can keep raiding them to level up your heroes. Raiding NPCs will also yield an important resource, the Shards, which cannot be gained from anywhere else, not even by gems. Shards can be used to hire heroes as with honor badges, and gems, but the major difference is you can CHOOSE which hero you want to hire, unlike using honor badges and gems where you get random heroes.

There is also a chat room in Castle Clash, but it is quite badly implemented because every player plays in the same world and thus the conversation scrolls too fast for any meaningful chatting. The only thing that I miss from War of Nations is the alliance, where players can form a clan to play together, in Castle Wars, it is basically a “single” player game where you do not have to interact with others if you do not wish to.

I would say I like this game better than War of Nations despite it being more cartoonish, and will probably play this more than War of Nations. The main reasons are I can play at my own pace, and though Gems will help to speed up the game, yield some advantages, but it is not game breaking and unfair as in War of Nations, where money will prevail over everything else.

Inotia 3 Children of Carnia

I have installed this game for a year on my Android phone, but didn’t really play much of it because playing games on the phone would drain the battery like a running faucet.

While browsing the Apple App Store recently, I saw a new release – Inotia 4 Assassin of Berkel, so I decided to install Inotia 3 on my iPad and complete it before playing the newer release. The game is free on Android, but cost $0.99 on IOS.

I have since completed the first segment of the game, and here’s what I think of the game: It is not bad for¬† passing time; but if you are looking for a Baldur’s Gate or Dragon Age, you will be utterly disappointed. Be warned.

Basically it is a hack and slash game with a confusing story, and the battles & quests get old very quickly– Need some information from NPC? Please help him/her kill 10 of Beast X. After completing the task, some of them might go again, “Thanks, but I need another 20 of Beast Z”. You get the idea. Sometimes I got so frustrated that wish there was an option to shout: “Look at my blades!”.

The nice part of the game is the monster drop, sometimes you can be surprised by a nice piece of armor from just a random monster, and along the way you can pick up recipe and composition material to craft your own potions and etc. However, the inventory is so small that even after purchasing the Adventurer’s Pack with real money for 3 additional 16-slot bags, it is still not enough to hold the stuff as there are at least 15 different types composition material alone.

The final battle is extremely tough, I managed to defeat the final boss only by spamming resurrection scroll that can resurrect the entire team with full health and mana. Did I mention I bought the Adventurer’s Pack? It comes with 10 resurrection scroll as well… If you are not willing to part with real money, do not waste the 2 free scrolls that were given at the beginning of the game or be prepared to grind till a higher level before fighting the boss.

I am currently on the “after game” mode, where there is a new adventure for the party, but it is the same old help me kill 10 of this and 10 of that kind of quest. Not sure whether I will have the patience to complete it.