It all started with me penning notes and thoughts while playing Dragon Age: Origins, and its sequel, Dragon Age II. Unfortunately, these notes were lost in my old computer and were never published publicly.

Writing a game guide is never my intention, and there are a lot of better game guide writers out there. My purpose is to share my thoughts on a game, some unique stuff that I have found in the game, my strategies, and perhaps “cheeses” that I discovered after numerous tries to defeat a boss character. I remember very fondly in Dragon Age Origins when I faced my first tough battle with a group of NPCs. After failing numerous times, I decided to look around the environment– found a elongated table in the next room, and have my hero running round and round the table while his companion pelting the enemies away. Ask me on how I killed the Troll in Battle of Ostagar.

There were similar acts in Baldur’s Gate where I got myself stuck in tough situation– one of them is the Mind Flayer lair where I first discovered the wonderful wand of “cheese” (the wand of Cloudkill) and a door that the Mind Flayers could not open. I shared this “technique” with players in the alt.games.baldurs-gate group, it became so wildly popular that Bioware had to nerf it and gifted the Mind Flayers the ability to open door.

Definitely not heroic achievements, but it could help other players who aren’t skilled in tactical RPG battles like me to get through the bottle neck, without having to turn down the difficulty level.

How I envy smart players who could tell you to de-buff the enemy with this, this, and that spell, then buff yourself up with this and that; I could never be able to figure those out myself, so my RPG games usually will have a lot of unheroic acts, and many cheeses border-lining cheating.

I do not play PC games anymore after Mass Effect 3, and in my spare time, occasional casual gaming on tablets and phones.