Three Kingdoms TD – FOW

3 Kingdoms TD – Fate of Wei (3KTD FOW), is a followed up game of Legends of Shu from the same company. It is a tower defense game with setting in the 3 Kingdoms era of China history.

Unlike traditional tower defense games, in 3KTD, you can have heroes, and the heroes can earn experience and level up, and can be equipped with powerful weapons as well. The other major difference from traditional tower defense game is that you cannot “herd” the enemy units to your kill zone as all the units have a defined path.

Despite the differences, it is a very addictive game and can suck up a lot of your precious time, and luckily, you can carry it with you everywhere in an iPad and play a game or 2 when you are waiting for appointments.

There are not many English medium website for this game, and thus the purpose of these articles is to share information with players from the English speaking world.

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