The San Francisco Pokemon Tracker is Coming

Just as I suspected when I noticed some Pokemon spawn points being removed and the newly created points were clustering around Poke Stops, Niantic is getting ready to roll out the San Francisco Tracker. The tracker is now being tested in more US cities, and I believed will be here very soon once they have ironed out the bugs and scaling issues.

The tracker is one thing, but why the need to remove other spawn points? This will disadvantaged the rural players even more, not that there are many rural areas in Singapore. The spawn points have provided not huge but consistent stream of Pokemon to players on days when they are not venturing far. Personally I do walk around the neighborhood trying to map more points so that I can plan my walking route on days when I couldn’t travel far; and on other times when I am indoor at home, I could still check the five spawn points within 50M of my home at specific timing.

After the last update, just walk around the Poke Stops if there is any near your neighborhood, good luck, and for me, I should be contented that there are still two spawn points within 50M of my house.

Edit on 8 Nov 2016: Hmm… Seems like Niantic heard me, just this morning I noticed a few more spawn points were added!

Here’s the news from Trainer Tips on the new tracker being rolled out in more cities:

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