Pokemon Spawn Changes

While I was shuttling between cities in Taiwan a couple of days ago, I was curious about the sighting list– it has almost always a page full of Pokemon on the list. Though they are mainly the common Pokemon, but nonetheless, always exciting to see more Pokemon variety.

When I reached home yesterday, it was the same in Singapore! And I caught 2 Sandshrews around my neighborhood, which was previously not seen in the vicinity. So, Taiwan is not so special after all, Niantic has made some changes to the Pokemon spawn.

Pokemon Go Sighting List

Pidgey and Ratatta not back from Halloween?

Besides making changes to the Pokemon spawn biome, spawn points were changed significantly as well: some spawn points were removed while new ones were added, and those remaining spawn points have their spawn timing changed too. It is a total reshuffle. The spawn points in my neighborhood was relatively stable for the last couple of months, that is, there wasn’t any noticeable changes to the spawn location and timing, but now, I might have to re-map my neighborhood, just when I was about to publish/ share my spawn map with Pokemon players in the same estate.

Unless the new spawn points remain relatively stable, I am not sure whether it is worthwhile to re-map. We shall wait and see.

The last noticeable change is the spawn duration is extended, based on my short tests, I think it is more than 20 minutes, which is good as it gives players more time to track down the Pokemon, especially when chasing the rares.

Overall, I think the recent update is great, though the location change is extremely bad to me personally (4 removed, 1 newly added, and remaining 1 with change in timing), well, spawn location changes will always be neutral to the community as a whole– boon to some while bane to others.

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