By the end of Halloween Event

Halloween Spawns

You’ll be missed!

The Halloween event brought back some excitement in Pokemon Go. I could see lures up at the Poke Stops near my house again, and it’s really been a long while since I last seen two Poke Stops fired up with lures at the same time there.

Too bad the event is near school kids’ examination in Singapore, thus we could not go all out to make full use of the double candies bonus. Nevertheless, these are what I got during the Halloween event besides the excellent 10KM hatches:

  1. Achieved gold medal for ground type Pokemon.
  2. Achieved silver medal for ghost type Pokemon. I could probably push for gold medal with just 20+ Pokemon to go, but decided to leave it that way.
  3. Caught eleven Marowaks from the wild. I have not seen one in the wild before the event.
  4. Didn’t manage to catch any good Gengar during the event, and the few high IV Gastly that I caught are very low CP. However, I have more than 1000 Gastly candies now, and I will probably evolve one with reasonable CP and IV.

I am now saving up 10KM eggs, hopefully by the Christmas event, I will have nine 10KM eggs!

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