A Far Fetched Mission

My boy gave me an assignment for my Taiwan trip– to catch a Farfetch’d Pokemon. It was a short business trip but I thought the mission wasn’t too difficult, and I should encounter quite a few here and there. How wrong was I.

Started the Pokemon Go app the moment I got hold of a local data plan, and began tracking the sighting list while I was on the bus to Taoyuan High Speed Rail station. No Farfetch’d in sight. In fact, there wasn’t any sighting of it at all for the whole journey from Taoyuan HSR station to my hotel in Taichung, and my brief loitering around the HSR stations. Not a good sign, but I am not losing any faith.

After checking into the hotel, I decided to go for a long walk around the hotel vicinity, and fired up an incense to help increase the chance of napping the duck. It was a pretty long walk, and I probably covered more than 1km away from the hotel (both directions along the main road). At the end of the walk, my faith was shaken, it is perhaps not as common as someone else has claimed to be, or at least not in Taichung.

The next day was a busy day, thus I could only check the phone occasionally: nope, zip, no sight of it at all. Not a big problem, there is still an evening ahead of me. I moved to Taoyuan again and checked into another hotel which is situated right at the heart of Taoyuan city.  There are many Poke Stops around the hotel and I could access one from my room, great, I could fire up some lures too.

Desperation began to set in by the time I put up the lure, because I have walked for an hour earlier and there was, again, no sighting of the elusive bird. I increased the potency level with a dose of incense running at the same time as the lure, and sigh, only the common Pokemon were attracted to the lure and incense.

I checked out of the hotel feeling totally disheartened the next morning, but nevertheless, switched on Pokemon Go on the way to the airport, and what was that shadow on my sighting list? Enlarge the sighting list, and it’s Farfetch’d! No doubt about it, and the phone started vibrating while I tried to make a screen shot. My hands were shaking, heart throbbing hard, forget about the screen shot, as I quickly close the list and hopeful to seeing it for the first time! Darn! It was an Oddish! Check my sighting list again, and it was no longer on it as the taxi moved away.

The last incense that I put up while I was at the airport didn’t do much, and the only hope left was the three 5KM eggs that I have picked up in Taiwan with 2 already near hatching, which in the end hatched into 90+% IV Bellsprout and Horsea.

My boy was a little disappointed and all hope was pinned on the last egg, and lo and behold, it hatched into a…

Krabby from Taiwan


CRAP Crab…

Well, I am going to Taiwan again in February, and this time, I will set aside more time, load up more lures and incenses to camp at a multi-stops location.

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