Unsung Dragonite Killer

For those who do not have good ice/ fairy type Pokemon like me, facing a gym full of high level Dragonite is a daunting task. No worry, if you have a Gyarados with Bite/ Dragon Pulse move set.


No STAB, not a problem

What? Isn’t this move set used for gym defense? I have tested it a few times– my 1888 CP Gyarados could take down a 2400 CP Dragonite easily, and I am not even a good dodger.

Bite is very fast, and it could charge up Dragon Pulse very quickly, allowing you to spam it on Dragonite. However, you do have to pay attention to the Dragonite’s charge move and the timing to unleash Dragon Pulse, because you do not want to get into the situation where your Gyarados got hit by the Dragonite’s charge move while you are trying to release yours. The best time to discharge Dragon Pulse is immediately after dodging the Dragonite’s charge move, and if you could hit it twice, it will go down very quickly after a few cycles.

Pokemon Go is not all about DPS, whether a Pokemon is useful or not depends a lot on what Pokemon you are fighting against and what other Pokemon you have in your bag. In my case, I will probably have no good use for a Bite/ Hydro pump Gyarados because I already have two very good Water Gun/ Hydro pump Vaporeons. Having said that, I am still unable to find good use for my Twister Gyarados.

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