Third Party Tracker Down

Many Singaporean Pokemon Trainers awoke to a rude shock this morning– the all time favourite no longer works. The fear has been brewing for the last couple of days when Niantic started activating Google’s reCaptcha service on their servers in an attempt to battle the bots.

I resisted using 3rd party maps for a while until a few weeks ago while at Yishun Park with my sister, she spotted Snorlax appearing nearby on her map. The mad dash to the spawning point was exhilarating, and I wasn’t sure whether it was the excitement of finally seeing Snorlax in person or the breathlessness from the run, my fingers trembled uncontrollably when trying to throw the Pokeball.

The obvious benefit of using such map is we are able to chase down rare Pokemon with much ease, and filling up our Pokedex fast. I remember seeing our first Snorlax on sighting but eventually miss it due to chasing down the wrong direction.

On the other hand, ever since such maps become popular, we began to see the retirement of Vaporeons, Gyarados, and other Pokemon as gym defenders, giving up the place to the dynamite trio, Dragonite, Snorlax, and Lapras. Trainers have also become picky as well, the Snorlax has to be high IV, high CP, and with ideal move set before spending any star dust in powering it up.  Whereas before any 3rd party maps, we saw a lot more variety of Pokemon; and trainers, with limited Pokemon would train up their best to fight, and also forced to make the hard decision whether to power up a Snorlax with only decent IV and decent move set. Rare Pokemon, near perfect IVs, and ideal move set have become cheap.

Like many players who are used to having a map pin pointing the exact Pokemon location, we were lost this morning at MacRitchie reservoir, but decided to just enjoy the walk and catch whatever that appears, and for the first time in a month or so, we walk without our eyes being glued to the map. Yeah, we will learn to play the game as it is again, enjoy the walk and surrounding a little more without a map, and be surprised by what pops up next to us.

By the way, MacRitchie reservoir is definitely a Cubone nest as of now. Most of them spawn around the walking path from the car park to the restaurant.

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