Pokemon Go Halloween Event


Hatched from a 5KM egg, 2nd time!

Gastly is everywhere! Which is a welcome change instead of the usual trio (Ratatta, Pidgey, and Weedle) from the spawn points around my house. The Gastly candies add up very quickly, and I am hopefulĀ of another Gengar after this event.

Three of my 5KM eggs also hatched this morning with double candies, and one of them is a Porygon! This is the second time it hatched from an egg, and I probably have enough candies for and Porygon-2 when Gen 2 arrives! With this event, I am going to switch my plan of collecting nine 10KM eggs to hatch them all at the same time, and start hatching the six 10KM that I already have to make use of this eventĀ to gain the double candies bonus.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a Lapras or Snorlax, well, Dratini is not too bad as well considering the candies bonus.

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