Good Hatch Day

I have had my fair share of bad egg hatches, but not today.

Exeggutor 100% IV

Exeggutor with 100% IV, not bad moves too!

Four 5km egg hatched– two 88% IV Pokemon (Mankey and Venonat) and one 100% Exeggcute! When I saw the CP of the Exeggcute, I knew immediately it has superb IV (my two previous 86% IV Exeggcute have 605/606 CP). It joins my Dragonite, Seaking, and Magneton in the 100% club.

I am hatching another four 5km eggs now, and I will be happy as long as they are not Ekans, Goldeen, Krabby, Doduo, and Tentacool.

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