East Coast Park Singapore

East Coast Park (ECP) has become even more interesting after the recent nests change. There are at least 3 Pokemon nests along the 10KM long park. I was there with my family on last Saturday evening with an ambitious plan of catching enough Kabuto and Charmander candies to add another 2 Pokemon to our Pokedex.

Kabuto Nest

Kabuto Nest

We started from the Kabuto nest, which is located at the old tennis center (Long Beach Seafood), and sure enough we caught a number of Kabuto while having our dinner. The evening looks very promising without even trying hard.

The Charmander nest is located at the far end of ECP, near the National Sailing Center. You could take a slow walk from the Kabuto nest and get some distance for eggs hatching at the same time, but we started late thus decided to drive instead. One note of caution if you plan to hunt here at night– this is the less visited part of ECP, so do be careful, and have company.

At the end of our East Coast Park trip, we did gather sufficient candies to evolve our Kabuto, but still quite some candies short for a Charizard. Reason being Charmander spawn locations are quite spread out, and we did not have time to walk around to catch them all. We will be back again before the next nest migration, and make sure we get enough candies for our Charizard.

Overall, ECP is a great place for candy farming due to it being a nest for a few species. Please do take note of the followings if you are planning a trip:

  1. Load up Poke balls if you are the “catch them all” type of person. The spawns can be crazy and Poke stops here are quite spread out.
  2. The best mode of transportation is cycling. Car chasing is difficult due to narrow road and it converges to one way traffic towards to end. Furthermore, spawn points may be far from the road, couple with the problem of finding a good location to stop your car without obstructing traffic, it could turn out to be a frustrating experience.
  3. Be there early and hunt during day time. Tripping hazards such as protruding tree roots are not easy to spot if you are off the walking path at night.

Good hunting!

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