Catch Bonus

I was about to write a rant blog on the stupidity of Niantic’s decision to penalize higher level players in catch rate, and to add salt to the wound, the Pokemon level scales with Trainer’s level as well.  Not that I am complaining about level scaling, unlike RPG, level scaling is great for Pokemon Go. But when a Weedle flee from you for the umpteenth time (and after wasting 7 or 8 balls on it)… you get what I mean.

Personally I do not mind moderate level of grinding, and try catching every Pidgey, Ratatta, and Weedle that I encounter. But it frustrates me very much when I couldn’t even capture the most common Pokemon effectively. Then came the announcement, followed shortly by the release of the update, 0.41.4. I think this is the best update ever besides the buddy Pokemon update.

I experimented with the new update: besides a stubborn 196 CP Caterpie, which escaped like 5 times, Pokemon catching generally feels much easier, and most of the common Pokemon are caught within 2 balls. Yes, good news, the catch rate improvement is very obvious if you have the related gold medal(s) for the Pokemon.

Thanks Niantic, now, can we have Platinum medal, pretty please?

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