Alternative to 3rd Party Maps

I was tracking Pokemon using the sighting list for a month plus before sgpokemap. It is pretty straight forward and Trainer Tips has an excellent guide on this if you are not sure how to do it.

Please note the Pokemon on the sighting list is no longer ranked according to its proximity to you. The sighting list is merely showing you all the Pokemon within 200m radius from you. Hence, do not be confused when a Pokemon down at the bottom of the list appear before your target. Also, your target Pokemon position may  also move up and down the list as you walk towards it, thus as long as you see the target Pokemon on the list, keep walking down your path.

In summary, the steps from Trainer Tips video are as below:

  1. Walk any direction. If the Pokemon disappear, mark your location.
  2. Turn 180 back, and continue walking. Again if the Pokemon disappear, stop, and mark your location.
  3. Retrace your steps towards the middle of the above 2 points.
  4. When you are at the mid point, turn 90 degree to either your left or right, it does not matter. Walk straight.
  5. If the Pokemon disappear again, turn 180 degree and walk, you should be able to locate it now unless it has de-spawned.

The above method works best in an open clear area without any huge obstructions. It might not be feasible in a tight housing estate, and I will talk more about another useful tip that I learned from Trainer Tips– noting the spawn position and time around your neighborhood.  This method has helped me zoom in to an Arcanine in my neighborhood without any tracking at all.

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