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Pokemon Go Halloween Event


Hatched from a 5KM egg, 2nd time!

Gastly is everywhere! Which is a welcome change instead of the usual trio (Ratatta, Pidgey, and Weedle) from the spawn points around my house. The Gastly candies add up very quickly, and I am hopeful of another Gengar after this event.

Three of my 5KM eggs also hatched this morning with double candies, and one of them is a Porygon! This is the second time it hatched from an egg, and I probably have enough candies for and Porygon-2 when Gen 2 arrives! With this event, I am going to switch my plan of collecting nine 10KM eggs to hatch them all at the same time, and start hatching the six 10KM that I already have to make use of this event to gain the double candies bonus.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a Lapras or Snorlax, well, Dratini is not too bad as well considering the candies bonus.

Yishun Park Singapore

Yishun Park Pokestops

Center of the 4 Pokestops

What makes Yishun Park a popular gathering point for Pokemon Go trainers is the four closely placed Poke Stops around the pavilion where trainers could sit comfortably to catch Pokemon. The frequent sightings of Snorlax around the area is the icing on the cake (or was this the main reason?) and adds excitement & uproar whenever it is near.

Last Sunday was my 4th trip to Yishun Park over 2 months, so on average, I have been visiting the park every fortnight. The lures were still up with some contributions from my boy and wife, but the crowd size has shrunk considerably to only about 50 players. Still a good size but no where near its former glory where you could see a few hundred players crowding the small area.

I am not sure whether the latest migration affect the spawns there, it has been spawning water type Pokemon since day one, Magikarp, Psyduck, Slowpole, and the occasional Draitini. I guess this has nothing to do with nest, but more of a natural habitat for water based Pokemon. Magikarp is good for power leveling though due to its high capture rate, and with the latest catch bonus, Yishun park will probably maintain its popularity for power players in the neighborhood.

Good Hatch Day

I have had my fair share of bad egg hatches, but not today.

Exeggutor 100% IV

Exeggutor with 100% IV, not bad moves too!

Four 5km egg hatched– two 88% IV Pokemon (Mankey and Venonat) and one 100% Exeggcute! When I saw the CP of the Exeggcute, I knew immediately it has superb IV (my two previous 86% IV Exeggcute have 605/606 CP). It joins my Dragonite, Seaking, and Magneton in the 100% club.

I am hatching another four 5km eggs now, and I will be happy as long as they are not Ekans, Goldeen, Krabby, Doduo, and Tentacool.

Catch Bonus

I was about to write a rant blog on the stupidity of Niantic’s decision to penalize higher level players in catch rate, and to add salt to the wound, the Pokemon level scales with Trainer’s level as well.  Not that I am complaining about level scaling, unlike RPG, level scaling is great for Pokemon Go. But when a Weedle flee from you for the umpteenth time (and after wasting 7 or 8 balls on it)… you get what I mean.

Personally I do not mind moderate level of grinding, and try catching every Pidgey, Ratatta, and Weedle that I encounter. But it frustrates me very much when I couldn’t even capture the most common Pokemon effectively. Then came the announcement, followed shortly by the release of the update, 0.41.4. I think this is the best update ever besides the buddy Pokemon update.

I experimented with the new update: besides a stubborn 196 CP Caterpie, which escaped like 5 times, Pokemon catching generally feels much easier, and most of the common Pokemon are caught within 2 balls. Yes, good news, the catch rate improvement is very obvious if you have the related gold medal(s) for the Pokemon.

Thanks Niantic, now, can we have Platinum medal, pretty please?

Unsung Dragonite Killer

For those who do not have good ice/ fairy type Pokemon like me, facing a gym full of high level Dragonite is a daunting task. No worry, if you have a Gyarados with Bite/ Dragon Pulse move set.


No STAB, not a problem

What? Isn’t this move set used for gym defense? I have tested it a few times– my 1888 CP Gyarados could take down a 2400 CP Dragonite easily, and I am not even a good dodger.

Bite is very fast, and it could charge up Dragon Pulse very quickly, allowing you to spam it on Dragonite. However, you do have to pay attention to the Dragonite’s charge move and the timing to unleash Dragon Pulse, because you do not want to get into the situation where your Gyarados got hit by the Dragonite’s charge move while you are trying to release yours. The best time to discharge Dragon Pulse is immediately after dodging the Dragonite’s charge move, and if you could hit it twice, it will go down very quickly after a few cycles.

Pokemon Go is not all about DPS, whether a Pokemon is useful or not depends a lot on what Pokemon you are fighting against and what other Pokemon you have in your bag. In my case, I will probably have no good use for a Bite/ Hydro pump Gyarados because I already have two very good Water Gun/ Hydro pump Vaporeons. Having said that, I am still unable to find good use for my Twister Gyarados.

Alternative to 3rd Party Maps

I was tracking Pokemon using the sighting list for a month plus before sgpokemap. It is pretty straight forward and Trainer Tips has an excellent guide on this if you are not sure how to do it.

Please note the Pokemon on the sighting list is no longer ranked according to its proximity to you. The sighting list is merely showing you all the Pokemon within 200m radius from you. Hence, do not be confused when a Pokemon down at the bottom of the list appear before your target. Also, your target Pokemon position may  also move up and down the list as you walk towards it, thus as long as you see the target Pokemon on the list, keep walking down your path.

In summary, the steps from Trainer Tips video are as below:

  1. Walk any direction. If the Pokemon disappear, mark your location.
  2. Turn 180 back, and continue walking. Again if the Pokemon disappear, stop, and mark your location.
  3. Retrace your steps towards the middle of the above 2 points.
  4. When you are at the mid point, turn 90 degree to either your left or right, it does not matter. Walk straight.
  5. If the Pokemon disappear again, turn 180 degree and walk, you should be able to locate it now unless it has de-spawned.

The above method works best in an open clear area without any huge obstructions. It might not be feasible in a tight housing estate, and I will talk more about another useful tip that I learned from Trainer Tips– noting the spawn position and time around your neighborhood.  This method has helped me zoom in to an Arcanine in my neighborhood without any tracking at all.

Third Party Tracker Down

Many Singaporean Pokemon Trainers awoke to a rude shock this morning– the all time favourite no longer works. The fear has been brewing for the last couple of days when Niantic started activating Google’s reCaptcha service on their servers in an attempt to battle the bots.

I resisted using 3rd party maps for a while until a few weeks ago while at Yishun Park with my sister, she spotted Snorlax appearing nearby on her map. The mad dash to the spawning point was exhilarating, and I wasn’t sure whether it was the excitement of finally seeing Snorlax in person or the breathlessness from the run, my fingers trembled uncontrollably when trying to throw the Pokeball.

The obvious benefit of using such map is we are able to chase down rare Pokemon with much ease, and filling up our Pokedex fast. I remember seeing our first Snorlax on sighting but eventually miss it due to chasing down the wrong direction.

On the other hand, ever since such maps become popular, we began to see the retirement of Vaporeons, Gyarados, and other Pokemon as gym defenders, giving up the place to the dynamite trio, Dragonite, Snorlax, and Lapras. Trainers have also become picky as well, the Snorlax has to be high IV, high CP, and with ideal move set before spending any star dust in powering it up.  Whereas before any 3rd party maps, we saw a lot more variety of Pokemon; and trainers, with limited Pokemon would train up their best to fight, and also forced to make the hard decision whether to power up a Snorlax with only decent IV and decent move set. Rare Pokemon, near perfect IVs, and ideal move set have become cheap.

Like many players who are used to having a map pin pointing the exact Pokemon location, we were lost this morning at MacRitchie reservoir, but decided to just enjoy the walk and catch whatever that appears, and for the first time in a month or so, we walk without our eyes being glued to the map. Yeah, we will learn to play the game as it is again, enjoy the walk and surrounding a little more without a map, and be surprised by what pops up next to us.

By the way, MacRitchie reservoir is definitely a Cubone nest as of now. Most of them spawn around the walking path from the car park to the restaurant.

East Coast Park Singapore

East Coast Park (ECP) has become even more interesting after the recent nests change. There are at least 3 Pokemon nests along the 10KM long park. I was there with my family on last Saturday evening with an ambitious plan of catching enough Kabuto and Charmander candies to add another 2 Pokemon to our Pokedex.

Kabuto Nest

Kabuto Nest

We started from the Kabuto nest, which is located at the old tennis center (Long Beach Seafood), and sure enough we caught a number of Kabuto while having our dinner. The evening looks very promising without even trying hard.

The Charmander nest is located at the far end of ECP, near the National Sailing Center. You could take a slow walk from the Kabuto nest and get some distance for eggs hatching at the same time, but we started late thus decided to drive instead. One note of caution if you plan to hunt here at night– this is the less visited part of ECP, so do be careful, and have company.

At the end of our East Coast Park trip, we did gather sufficient candies to evolve our Kabuto, but still quite some candies short for a Charizard. Reason being Charmander spawn locations are quite spread out, and we did not have time to walk around to catch them all. We will be back again before the next nest migration, and make sure we get enough candies for our Charizard.

Overall, ECP is a great place for candy farming due to it being a nest for a few species. Please do take note of the followings if you are planning a trip:

  1. Load up Poke balls if you are the “catch them all” type of person. The spawns can be crazy and Poke stops here are quite spread out.
  2. The best mode of transportation is cycling. Car chasing is difficult due to narrow road and it converges to one way traffic towards to end. Furthermore, spawn points may be far from the road, couple with the problem of finding a good location to stop your car without obstructing traffic, it could turn out to be a frustrating experience.
  3. Be there early and hunt during day time. Tripping hazards such as protruding tree roots are not easy to spot if you are off the walking path at night.

Good hunting!