Evolving a perfect IV Dragonair

Caught a perfect IV Dratini from Yishun Park about a month ago and evolved it into a Dragonair with best move set. After long walks with the Dragonair since the introduction of buddy system, I finally have enough Dratini candies for the final evolution.

I was very nervous and contemplating whether I should continue to collect another 25 candies to evolve another 97% IV Dratini first– at least if that gets Steel Wing, I will have another shot with this Dragonair. I have terrible luck with 90+ IV evolutions– except two 93% Vaporeons,  the rest were really bad, and I am still very much haunted by my 95% Twister Gyarados experience.

In the end I gave in to my boy’s pleading, and let him perform the evolution. Our eyes glued to the screen, praying real hard to RNG god, and we got this!


At least it is not steel wing!

Not perfect, but I am relieved, at least it is not the freaking Steel Wing!



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