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Evolving a perfect IV Dragonair

Caught a perfect IV Dratini from Yishun Park about a month ago and evolved it into a Dragonair with best move set. After long walks with the Dragonair since the introduction of buddy system, I finally have enough Dratini candies for the final evolution.

I was very nervous and contemplating whether I should continue to collect another 25 candies to evolve another 97% IV Dratini first– at least if that gets Steel Wing, I will have another shot with this Dragonair. I have terrible luck with 90+ IV evolutions– except two 93% Vaporeons,  the rest were really bad, and I am still very much haunted by my 95% Twister Gyarados experience.

In the end I gave in to my boy’s pleading, and let him perform the evolution. Our eyes glued to the screen, praying real hard to RNG god, and we got this!


At least it is not steel wing!

Not perfect, but I am relieved, at least it is not the freaking Steel Wing!



Pokemon hunting in Tuas South


Thanks to Tuas South, I am now powered to the max!

The family decided to go to Tuas South last Saturday to hunt for Pokemon. Reason for going there? As observed on, there are some very interesting spawns in Tuas, and since we do need more Dratinis and Growlithes, it will be a good hunting ground for us, and hopefully we can come across a few rare Pokemon while we are there.

Few things to note for Pokemon trainers who are planning to brave the western frontier– Tuas:

  1. Tuas is a huge industrial district and it will be a futile effort to chase over the entire area. Pick a part where you want to cover. For us, we decided to focus mainly on Tuas South because the traffic is a lot less here, furthermore, the road design is of a big grid system where it is easier to navigate.
  2. Load up your Poke balls. There are not many Poke stops here, when you are out of balls, you are out of luck. The nearest cluster of Poke stops is at Raffles Marina.
  3. Bring bottles of drinking water with you unless you are familiar with the area and know where are the drinking stops. You should take note of the coffee shops locations around the area even if you bring enough water, because who knows when you might need toilet breaks. Saturdays are not so bad, most of the shops are opened, but if you are planning to go on a Sunday, it will be a lot tougher to find an eatery which is opened for business. If all else fails, head to Raffles Marina.
  4. Visit this area only on weekends or weekdays night when there are less heavy vehicles especially the older area.
  5. Do note many places in Tuas are off limit to visitors, thus while from the map it looks like there are many Pokemon being spawned here, in reality, a good chunk of them are inaccessible.

Let’s get back to the hunt. We were there for almost 3 hours, and didn’t come across any rares unless you consider Jynx as rare, but we do get quite a few Growlithes. These are some of our catch: Omanyte, Machoke, Jynx, Growlithe, Dratini, Pikachu, Exeggutor (Zen Headbutt + Solar Beam, but bad IV), and other common Pokemon.

Is Tuas a worthwhile trip? Yes, especially if you have not been there before: go out and explore, and be amazed by the man made wonder– huge tract of reclaimed land. Isn’t this part of the goal of Pokemon Go? Tuas South is definitely a good place to hunt Growlithe, I wouldn’t call it a nest, but Growlithe does spawn consistently here. Otherwise, it all depends on luck, which we lacked on that day.  I will cover another ‘ulu’ place in Singapore, Sembawang, on another day.

Note: This was before the recent nest changes, not sure whether Growlithe spawn is affected.

Pokemon Go


I haven’t been actively gaming recently until the release of Pokemon Go in Singapore. I was skeptical of the game at first, but curiosity took over and the rest is history.

Pokemon hunting has become the family’s weekend activity, and we have gone to many places in Singapore to hunt for the elusive Pokemon. I will share my experience of the hunt in coming posts soon. Stay tuned, and by the way, join Team Instinct if you have not selected any team yet.

Cease Fire

I have left War of Nations game for more than 3 years, yet I am receiving constant stream of comments and questions, thanks a lot. I would like to help to answer the questions but I am seriously outdated in the game development thus I am just posting your questions in the comments section and hopefully someone who is familiar with current game mechanics will be able to help.

By the way, is the game still on?