War of Nations on Android

Just realized that War of Nations is on Android now. The money stream from IOS devices has dried up?

Out of curiosity, I installed the game on an Android tablet, and fiddle around for awhile. Apparently, the Android game has its own servers, and the worlds are entirely different, example, World 1 in Android is not the same as World 1 in IOS. I made this judgement based on my memory of the top alliances of the different worlds, or the worlds have changed so drastically that the top alliances were all knocked off the chart?

I tapped on the “Add Gold” button, and saw the bundles available for new players. If you are a new player and intend to spend some money, the USD19.99 bundle is quite a good deal– you get 4500 gold instead of the usual 2400 gold, and you get 3 Elite Recruit packs plus a lot of other goodies such as outpost teleports and so on. Wow.

It brought back a lot of memories to me, my ex-comrades, the joy of capturing my first level 34 Renegade OP, the intense wars between the top ranked alliances, and so on. Was tempted to play a bit, but finally decided against it, why go through the frustration all over again?

By the way, thanks to all the comments, I could have missed quite a fair bit by deleting them accidentally in my fight against spams on the site (it is crazy, thousands of spam comments in a day) Anyway, glad that some of you have found my WON guides useful, and hope you have better experience in the game than me.

  1. dude you telling people they should go after the 60 commander dam you must suck at this game. everyone with good knowledge about the game and loads of transports can get a dirty or even a pure 90

    • I am not sure about that, during my time of play about 2 years back, the exploit or “bug” has not been discovered. There were players with huge load of transport that I knew of, mainly to win events for looting the most resources.

      Even with transport as the main new killer unit now, everything being equal, you are able to match a level 90 or even level 60 commander with similar setup as you?

      You probably did not read all my articles here, during my time as a player, I was in a top alliance, and personally ranked on the first page when I was active. That was the heyday of WON when every world had easily close to a thousand active players, and the top 50 alliances in every world were full.

      As for level 60 commander, it is not a must (please read carefully), I recommended players to get them as an ultimate guide if they can afford, and if they want to win at all cost.

      By the way, have you gone into war with any players who owned these super Level 60 commanders? With players who leveled them to Level 90? A level 60 Black Scorpion ate other similar level (or even higher level) inferior commanders for lunch.

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