War of Nations Re-visited

I happened to find the game on my nephew’s iPad about a month ago, and out of curiosity, I went into the few worlds that I used to play and checked out the status.

Wow, was there a mass exodus? The world was so empty– when I checked the top 50 alliances, only the top 10 had full members, the rest were just struggling with like 30+ members in each alliance. I guess many players were just sicked and tired of the game, and left. As I told a fellow alliance member, “The saddest thing that could happen to the biggest bully clan in the game is when players started to leave the world, they can spend thousands of dollars, but with no one to fight, in the end they will leave too with a big hole in the pocket.”

For the players who are still playing the game, take a look outside your window, you have missed a lot in your life. My only regret in leaving the game is I should have done it a lot earlier.

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  1. Gree opens new worlds each month so it was inevitable that some of the early worlds would fade, and some have closed all together. However there are other worlds that are thriving, like the ones I play in, 15, 22 and 26.

    • Good that you have found some nice worlds to play in. In my observation, the downward cycle is inevitable, enjoy what you have. 🙂

  2. hi,
    Were you ever in world 13. I totally agree with a lot of the things you have written. After playing for almost a year. I realised cree is only keeping me there as fish food for the big spenders. I bought my gold here and there but when players join and become lvl 44s within 2 weeks and have lvl 90 coms you realise its all been a total waste of time and all the things you have built learned and loved are useless 😥

  3. Your stories about your experiences of War of Nations were helpful. They helped me realize how terribly structured the game is. They also helped encourage me to quit. I played for a month (got to level 33 and joined a top 20 alliance), but didn’t realize money was the true weapon until recently. I was baffled at how fast the top 5 alliances went through challenges and how far ahead they were. Your stories about the futility of fighting money pushed me over the end. I knew I had to quit right now. Thank you for showing me how greedy and unless that game was.

    • I am sorry about your experience. I am totally out of the game for months, so can’t comment on how good/ bad the game is now.

  4. When I first started playing I read your forum. And learned quiet a bit. Thank you for your help there. However I glossed over your last entry a few times, until recently when it popped back into my mind. You were correct it’s so easy to get caught up in that game and forget everything around. I missed out on a lot. I have the same regret not leaving sooner

  5. Well yeah of course that’s true that’s why I play when I m bored like waiting the doctors office and I just check in donate and then stop playing for like 2 weeks the least.All games have an end and I like to play most when I m bored instead of 3 hours a days because when you’re older what is playing video games done to your life nothing but entrain you and if your a youtuber that’s good you make good money if your over 100 k subs mostly though.

  6. Do you have an idea of how to finish the limited time missions without an NPC 34 or 38 without spending money? For a level 100 Commander??!?!?!?!? ❓ 😕

    • I think it is going to be tough… without spending money and without L34 and L38 outposts. I could be wrong, the game might have changed a lot since I left it 2 years ago.

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