Monthly Archives: March 2014

War of Nations Re-visited

I happened to find the game on my nephew’s iPad about a month ago, and out of curiosity, I went into the few worlds that I used to play and checked out the status.

Wow, was there a mass exodus? The world was so empty– when I checked the top 50 alliances, only the top 10 had full members, the rest were just struggling with like 30+ members in each alliance. I guess many players were just sicked and tired of the game, and left. As I told a fellow alliance member, “The saddest thing that could happen to the biggest bully clan in the game is when players started to leave the world, they can spend thousands of dollars, but with no one to fight, in the end they will leave too with a big hole in the pocket.”

For the players who are still playing the game, take a look outside your window, you have missed a lot in your life. My only regret in leaving the game is I should have done it a lot earlier.