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FAQ on Titanium and Uranium Mines (War of Nations)

The followings are my attempt to answer some of the commonly asked questions on Titanium and Uranium mines.

Q: Where are the Titanium and Uranium patches located?

A: They are located near to the center of the game map, in the Renegade 1100 and 1400 area. If you do not know where is the area, go to coordinates 0,0 and move around the location, you should be able to find a few Titanium and Uranium patches. Titanium looks like silver rocks, while Uranium is greenish looking pebbles.

Q: All the Titanium and Uranium spots are taken! I need Titanium and Uranium!

A: You do not need Titanium and Uranium mines to be successful in the game.

There are 2 ways, firstly, conquer and take over the other player’s outpost, but be mindful of full force retaliation by the player, and probably his alliance too. Secondly, unlike your Oil and Iron, Titanium and Uranium will run out after a certain period of time, and they will re-spawn at another location. So if you are really keen on these resources, always check for new spots and grab them before other players.

Q: I am in this newly opened world and no one has taken the Titanium and Uranium spots yet, shall I build my outpost now?

If you have just started the game and not spending crazy amount of Gold, you probably will not be able to beat the renegade units to build your outpost, so save your time and units.

Q: What is the unit make up to beat the renegade and build an outpost with Titanium or Uranium mine?

A: I really do not have an answer if you have only low level units and low level commanders. Some players might be able to achieve it with low level troops and commander with some secret recipe, unfortunately I do not have such recipe. You should do well with at least a level 40 commander and a lot of artillery units.

Q: What is the best strategy on Uranium and Titanium mines?

A: Firstly, join one of the top 3 alliances in your world. They control the mines in most worlds, if you are not one of them and you “unfortunately” build an outpost with a Titanium/ Uranium, you should congratulate yourself for a job well done if you are able to hold the outpost for more than a day.

Assuming you are an eligible candidate, ie., in a strong alliance that can back you up, build outposts in the 1100 or 1400 area, so that you can grab a newly spawned spot quickly. Whether you want to station troops in the Titanium/ Uranium outpost is entirely up to you, I have seen many players left them empty and station troops in a nearby outposts instead.

Q: Unfair! I want to build a lot of Titans and Hellfires! But I do not have access to the mines!

Yes, War of Nations is a more unfair than life. Fortunately for many of us, a lot of the units that require Uranium and/or Titanium to build is a waste of time. Personally, I think Hailstorm and Railgun Tanks, and to some extend, Titans, are the only units that are worth training. Railgun tanks are so precious that you will probably just hide them in your home base, so do you really need Uranium and Titanium mines? You do get some Titanium and Uranium by achieving the Battle Points missions, and personally I found the rewards to be sufficient for my games.