What is going on? (War of Nations)

Recently Gree has changed the events routine, example, I was expecting the Alliance War event to be on this coming weekend (11~13 October), but it came out last weekend– following the Players War weekend. I am also surprised by the recent alliance arms race event occurring during weekdays instead of weekends.

Team event used to be over the weekend, while the weekdays will be some slow individual training/ raiding events. We have yet to see what is coming up over the weekend, looking at the pace of things, it could well be Players War event again. Why is this so? Is it due to players losing interest in the game and Gree is trying to make things interesting for the players? Is it due to slowing of revenue and Gree desperately needs some pushes for players to spend money?

Base on world chat conversation, most active players are working adults (and with deeper pockets), and with such intense events schedule, it will cause players fatigue, doing more harm to the game than good. If the game is losing players, Gree has to examine what is the real problem. The problem cannot be resolved by having more events, more commanders, and more permanent boosts.

Gree has to look from another angle, i.e, how would a new player survive the game? What is the fighting chance of an alliance that is outside the top 5? Furthermore, game is supposed to help players get away from life stress, and not causing more of it. If you have to keep participating, monitoring, and unable to leave it alone for a few days, something is seriously wrong.

Something for all players to think about.

  1. I agree with the comments on the forum,they need to have more available higher level commanders,boosts etc. for the common player without deep pockets to have a little success and stay competitive. The way it’s set up strategy isn’t the focus $$$ is that to me is very transparent, I really do love this game & realize everyone’s gotta make money but I’ve considered many times quitting & looking for a game set up for EVERYONE to have success not just the trust fund princes/ princesses & well to do!!!!
    Very sincerely , someone who loves the concept & spirit of the game.

    • Hi Mike, thank you for your comment. I am not sure how the game has evolved, but if you play a bit more, and learn the strategies, it might be easier for you. Read some of the strategies I have written, and I hope they are still valid, and would provide some insights to you. Before I quit the game, it was pretty easy for me to be among the top in a new world without spending money, and I could easily get into a top alliance if I would want to.

      When you are in the top alliances, you will learn a lot from team members too, and these are tips and strategies that you do not have access to in lower ranked alliances.

      Unfortunately it is a stressful game for me to play competitively as I have work and family, if I do not spend, I will have to invest in time which I do not have… In the end, I chose life over the game.

  2. Just another quick comment ,perhaps a type of once a day immunity with a different colored shield on it for the 95% of us who have to go to work & need sleep now ang again. Gree could make this a 1X a day only and once you log on you can’t use it again, I’ve been attacked a great many times between 1& 3 am !! Good strategy for some but nothing close to fair, thanks for listening…

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