Interesting Development (War of Nations)

I am slowly phasing out some of my games, but at the same time I keep joining new worlds, not that I intend to re-start in these new worlds, I am there just for interesting read and information, and especially interested in seeing how that world evolves and unfold though I do know clearly how it will end 🙂

I noted that a particular alliance quickly dominated a new world and taken the top 2 spots (by the main and sister alliance). As time passed, the leader sort of lose steam– when I saw his level stagnated, and his personal ranking dropping quickly– I thought the alliance might lose top position soon, and true enough, it dropped a couple of places after a few weeks, and the sister alliance is now in limbo.

Leader’s personal ranking in a new world is important, the leader has to be aggressive both in spending money and attacking in a new world else the alliance will not only unable to attract new players, but will have a difficult time keeping the current players. It is very different from a matured world where money is spent only occasionally for the uber Level 60 commander if one is interested, teleports, and other minor purchases. The leaders’ personal ranking and strength is no longer important in matured world.

I joined another latest world and was surprised to see many familiar names in the world chat. Substantial number of players from different worlds that I played joined this new wild west. I even noticed a few players from rival alliances in another world working together here.

I did not think much of the top alliance in this world when it started, because the reason why the alliance is able to get into the top in another world is mainly attributed to its leader– who spent substantially in the beginning, played cleverly and maneuvered shrewdly. The player who led the alliance probably forgotten how they rose in ranks in their older world, and thought he might be able to replicate the success here. True enough, the alliance was dethroned in just a few days, and is now nowhere to be seen in the top 50– sadly, and most probably, disbanded when the leader felt the heat. He is of no match to many top players from other competitive worlds.

The other strange and interesting phenomenon that I observed after starting in many newer worlds is that, some alliance names just keep popping up in every world. They were struggling to keep within top 50 in some of the worlds that I played, and is that the reason why they keep starting in a new world and hope they can achieve better? They did not realize that if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same result, furthermore, the game is evolving, the old tricks that worked might not be relevant anymore, the game is unfortunately, about money now.

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