Re-modelling (War of Nations)

Please note this is an intermediate tips. For more information on how to start a War of Nations game, please check out the posts here.

When you start the game as a new player, you probably just constructed the buildings in your home base or outposts without much thought. It might also due to shortage of resources that you construct Oil Dereks and Iron Mines on spots that do not have a resource on it.

It will eventually come to a time that you need to re-model your home base and outposts. For outposts, if it is in a low level area, it is better to just demolish all buildings and abandon it. Please read this on the rationale on moving your outposts.

As with abandoning outposts, do not fret over the need of resource, the building level, and it is such a waste to demolish it. Hard decisions have to be made in order for you to grow further. If you do not have a lot of refineries, you will not be able to support a large army; and if you do not have sufficient warehouse storage, you might not be able to save up for advanced upgrades and researches. Unfortunately, we do have a limit on how many bases we can build. It will take some time to reach your sixth outposts (Foxtrot), and beyond that, it is even harder when a new outpost will require plasma cores.

When you are already having outposts in deep area producing good resource rate, it is time to demolish the Oil Dereks and Iron Mines that are not sitting on resource patches in your home base. Your home base is the best place to house refineries and warehouses, because it will never be captured or destroyed. I have seen some players having 6 refineries in 1 outpost, and if that is captured, it will spell doom for them.

When most of your buildings are already in advanced level and you are down to the last few researches, you will notice that money starts to overflow, that is, you have difficulty in spending your money and it is often in the maximum level. Check whether you are producing too much money, and if so, you might want to demolish some trading centers and replace them with refineries or warehouses.

Check your needs from time to time, and do not be afraid to demolish and rebuild.

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