New War of Nations Alliance Management Update

The recent War of Nations alliance management update is finally a partially good update from Gree. The new interface is neat, and you get to appoint different ranks to the members, each with different level of authorization.

Besides the above, the alliance leader can appoint a new leader if he ever decides to step down from leadership role or retire from the game. This indeed will save a lot of hassle for leadership transition — no longer need to create a new alliance with a different name, and asking all players to transfer over.

The next update is players can no longer re-join the same alliance within 24 hours of leaving, this will probably cause some stir among the player community as they no longer can leave the alliance whenever there is an occupation, let other members hit the out posts, then rejoin the alliance after enemies are cleared.

Lastly, the donation and permanent alliance boost is a controversial addition as well. On the brighter side, some inactive players can help the game by donating all they have to the alliance before leaving to help boost the alliance, and those semi-active members can also contribute by donating the excess resources that they are producing.

Now let’s talk about the darker side. I am afraid the system will further imbalance the game. I do not know what Gree is thinking whenever they implement permanent bonuses to the game. Firstly, some alliances can have a few internal “farms”, that is, members that are no longer interested to continue playing but stay on just to donate resources to boost the alliance. Secondly, the already rich and powerful alliances can afford more donations from members thus further boosting the entire alliance and pulling further! This will definitely aggravate the exodus in some worlds, great job Gree.

I have joined a few new worlds to see how things are going, and they have become very unplayable for totally new players– they follow the exact domination cycle and it is formed quicker in every new worlds. In the latest world, the domination was so quick that the top alliance already dominated the top 2 spots within a week. It is becoming impossible for others to recruit members in a new world and most will just join as a stepping board to the top.

With the new permanent alliance boosting, I guess there will be only a few alliances in every new world…

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