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New War of Nations Alliance Management Update

The recent War of Nations alliance management update is finally a partially good update from Gree. The new interface is neat, and you get to appoint different ranks to the members, each with different level of authorization.

Besides the above, the alliance leader can appoint a new leader if he ever decides to step down from leadership role or retire from the game. This indeed will save a lot of hassle for leadership transition — no longer need to create a new alliance with a different name, and asking all players to transfer over.

The next update is players can no longer re-join the same alliance within 24 hours of leaving, this will probably cause some stir among the player community as they no longer can leave the alliance whenever there is an occupation, let other members hit the out posts, then rejoin the alliance after enemies are cleared.

Lastly, the donation and permanent alliance boost is a controversial addition as well. On the brighter side, some inactive players can help the game by donating all they have to the alliance before leaving to help boost the alliance, and those semi-active members can also contribute by donating the excess resources that they are producing.

Now let’s talk about the darker side. I am afraid the system will further imbalance the game. I do not know what Gree is thinking whenever they implement permanent bonuses to the game. Firstly, some alliances can have a few internal “farms”, that is, members that are no longer interested to continue playing but stay on just to donate resources to boost the alliance. Secondly, the already rich and powerful alliances can afford more donations from members thus further boosting the entire alliance and pulling further! This will definitely aggravate the exodus in some worlds, great job Gree.

I have joined a few new worlds to see how things are going, and they have become very unplayable for totally new players– they follow the exact domination cycle and it is formed quicker in every new worlds. In the latest world, the domination was so quick that the top alliance already dominated the top 2 spots within a week. It is becoming impossible for others to recruit members in a new world and most will just join as a stepping board to the top.

With the new permanent alliance boosting, I guess there will be only a few alliances in every new world…

So you want ot be a Leader (War of Nations) Part 2

I assume you have read my previous entry and you are qualified to be an alliance leader in War of Nations. I have not led an entire alliance in the game, but I have gone through enough alliances and leaders in different worlds that I can share my experiences on what to do and what not to do…

1. Stay Active

As mentioned in my previous post, being a leader is a time consuming job. You have to sneak in from work, abandon your child, so that you can play the game as much as possible– checking status and updates, giving directions, and so on. Participation in alliance chat conversations will also bring life to the entire alliance and forge a closer ties with the members.

If you are unable to log into the game often, it is good to appoint an active deputy who will assist with the work when you are not around, and that person is best to be from another time zone so that your alliance is looked after round the clock.

It is especially important to be around for important events such as alliance war event or an all out war with another team.

2. Helping Members

Unless you take over a matured alliance from someone else, you will bound to have many members who do not have much clue about the game. Give them advise often, help them to become strong, such as where to build their outposts, how to battle, and so on. They will in turn help your alliance to become stronger. I always believe that organic growth is better than recruiting external members, that is, your entire alliance move up the chart because of growth in strength of members instead of relying on recruiting members with high attack points, these members are more loyal and will stick with you through the thick and thin.

3. Negotiations

You will need to negotiate with other teams and forged some kind of relationship with them. Remember, you cannot fight many wars at the same time. Work with those around the strength of your alliance, instead of asking the top teams.

War only with one strong team at a time, you do not want to face battles from all corners. This is the key to survive. I have seen good teams struggling because they are warring with many strong teams while the opponent has some kind of alliance with the others.

Monitor your team’s battle reports, inform the members if they accidentally attacked an ally, and apologize to the other party. Yes, they will appreciate if you, as a leader, apologizes to them personally. On the other hand, if a member is attacked by an ally, talk to the other party, and at the same time calm your member to not retaliate. You need to have very good people skill.

Besides forming some kind of truce with other alliances, you might want to bring the relationship one step further by constantly chatting with their leaders, this will reduce the chance of back stabbing tremendously. You want not only a non-warring pact with them, but make it a defensive pact as well, such as helping each other defend, and this will greatly enhanced your alliance survivability.

4. Setup external communication

The communication system of War of Nations is dumb, real dumb. The message board is difficult to read if you have a long message. So it is best to set up an external forum for team communication. With an external message board, you can set different access level for different members, example, only officers are allowed in some chat rooms on highly confidential matter.

Besides having an external forum, it is also good to make use of instant messaging apps such as Groupme, Kakao, Whatsapp, and others so that communication is more efficient that those available in game. I really hate to send someone a PM in the game especially if that person has a funny name with numbers and caps.

5. Keep yourself updated

This is another reason why I mentioned the number 1 criteria for leading an alliance is time. You have to monitor the world chat constantly to see what is happening, who is teaming with who, who is warring with who, and who are the ones you want to avoid stepping on.

Maintain a positive image if you want to participate in world chat, so that your entire alliance do not end up as public enemy number 1 in the game. Be fair, if a team member is misbehaving in world chat, reprimand him privately but apologizes publicly in the world chat.

6. House Keeping

Clean up the message board constantly as you do not want it to be cluttered so that new members can look for information easily.

Monitor the members progress using a spreadsheet– help those that are lagging, and kick those that are inactive even if they have very high attack points. You might want to stagger the kicking so that your alliance ranking is not affected.

7. Constant recruitment

Players come and go, so besides kicking those that are inactive, you have to recruit new players to refresh the team. It is hard work especially if you are small and you can only attract newer players to join you. You may dedicate the recruitment task to some officers though.

8. The team comes first

If you start an alliance in a matured world, and you do not spend thousands, you might be fighting an uphill battle (think Mount Everest) because the world is probably dominated by a few top dogs and your alliance will be denied of the good resources and level 34 renegade outposts.

Besides the resources, winning the events is very important for the team because of the rewards. Gree has introduced even more unfair rewards such as permanent boosts, which will mean the strong will become even stronger. Also, the kick ass commanders can only be won from the events unless your team is going to spend a thousand each to try getting the L60 commanders.

Instead of leading your team to nowhere and fighting senseless wars with no light at the end of the tunnel, it is time to re-consider the future and how to proceed. Sometimes for the benefit of the team, it is better to merge with another alliances, example, if you see a top team just set up a new branch and recruiting, it might be a wise choice to negotiate with them for a merger. This may mean the surrendering of leadership by you, but if you do not do it, members will eventually be disheartened after months of fruitless battles and leave the alliance or the game entirely, so it is still a lose situation for you. Who knows after awhile you might be promoted to lead the new branch and become a leader again.

Well, that’s about all for now, and wish you luck on leading your alliance to the top.

So you want to be a Leader (War of Nations) Part 1

War of Nations amplified some of the worst of human behavior, power hungry is another. Many players love to be in the position of power so much that they would not relent even if it means joining another alliance is a better option to him/ her.

If you are keen to be an alliance leader in War of Nations world and be admired by others, read on, the first part of this guide is a check list to see if you are really suitable as a leader.

  • You have time and you are committed to the world. This is very important as leading an alliance is very different from just playing the game. You have to be online most of the time so that the alliance does not look dead to other members; you have to spend a lot of time negotiating with other alliance, leading wars, directing assistance, and etc.. If you are married with kids, or you are very active in multiple worlds, chances are you are not a suitable candidate — your alliance will not flourish unless you spend a lot of time and/or have very committed officers around to help out.
  • The second most important criteria is you must be experienced in the game. You have probably played the game for at least a month or two, know the game mechanics inside out, the game politics in general, and good with general game play strategies. It is a big bonus and advantage if you have been with a top 5 alliances in another world.
  • Real life leadership experience whether in your work, or you have successful led a team in another game will help a lot in your role as an alliance leader in War of Nations. You know the stress and problems associated with leadership role, and thus able to adapt to it better.
  • Ready to spend a lot of money in the tune of thousands. Unless you are taking over a matured alliance, this plays a very important part in a newly opened world. By spending a lot of real money to buy gold, you will be able to jump start and become one of the top players where every other players know, and it will also attract other gold spenders (coiners) to join you. This has a very good positive cycle — your alliance will be able to dominate events consistently making it even stronger, and attract even more coiners to your team. You see, players spend money to win and not to lose, thus they are the most disloyal bunch and would just hop to the strongest alliance.
  • If you have real life buddy or friends you made in game from another world to help you in the alliance, it is a great advantage as these players are generally loyal and committed to help the team, well, unless you took their girl friends in real life…

If you meet all the requirements above, let me know, I will join your alliance. I will talk more about running the alliance in my next blog entry.

Re-modelling (War of Nations)

Please note this is an intermediate tips. For more information on how to start a War of Nations game, please check out the posts here.

When you start the game as a new player, you probably just constructed the buildings in your home base or outposts without much thought. It might also due to shortage of resources that you construct Oil Dereks and Iron Mines on spots that do not have a resource on it.

It will eventually come to a time that you need to re-model your home base and outposts. For outposts, if it is in a low level area, it is better to just demolish all buildings and abandon it. Please read this on the rationale on moving your outposts.

As with abandoning outposts, do not fret over the need of resource, the building level, and it is such a waste to demolish it. Hard decisions have to be made in order for you to grow further. If you do not have a lot of refineries, you will not be able to support a large army; and if you do not have sufficient warehouse storage, you might not be able to save up for advanced upgrades and researches. Unfortunately, we do have a limit on how many bases we can build. It will take some time to reach your sixth outposts (Foxtrot), and beyond that, it is even harder when a new outpost will require plasma cores.

When you are already having outposts in deep area producing good resource rate, it is time to demolish the Oil Dereks and Iron Mines that are not sitting on resource patches in your home base. Your home base is the best place to house refineries and warehouses, because it will never be captured or destroyed. I have seen some players having 6 refineries in 1 outpost, and if that is captured, it will spell doom for them.

When most of your buildings are already in advanced level and you are down to the last few researches, you will notice that money starts to overflow, that is, you have difficulty in spending your money and it is often in the maximum level. Check whether you are producing too much money, and if so, you might want to demolish some trading centers and replace them with refineries or warehouses.

Check your needs from time to time, and do not be afraid to demolish and rebuild.

The End of the World? (War of Nations)

Following my last post on how an unhealthy domination will ruin the game in War of Nations, it is really happening– players are leaving and the top alliances started to panic as the world is coming to an end with no one to fight.

I heard absurd rumors that the leader of the top alliance is visiting other allies to offer help to capture Level 34 Renegade Outposts. They agreed to not attack other alliances unless being attacked first, and even promised not to participate in the events to give the weaker alliances a fighting chance. However, I guess Gree has to spoil the party by introducing new bonus items for winners — permanent boost to power of units, so we have yet to see if the top guys really do not participate in the event.

It is a sad truth, how long will one continue to be a farm? I mean you built up a substantial force, then got wiped clean, rebuilt, and wiped clean again. The odds are stacked so heavily against a player from a weaker alliance– your entire millions worth of army can be wiped by a single troop led by a kick ass commander which can only be obtained via a lot of Gold (and I mean a lot) or winning events. What fun is there? And not forgetting that there are a lot better games outside. The way the events are being structured is also benefiting only the top alliances, they will get stronger, while the weak will continue to be bullied and finally members decided to leave the game or switched alliance.

I was chatting with a new player the other day that the worst thing that can happen to the top alliance(s) is not that they over spent on buying Gold, nor wasted money on units that are destroyed. It is no players would want to play with them anymore. What is so great to have 100,000 units with maximum Commander level if there is no one to fight? They can boast all they might, but in the end they will leave the game too after spending thousand of dollars. What is the point?

Blame it on Gree, the game developer, for many ill thought out rewards and game implementation, as I have said many times earlier, using Gold is fair enough for players who need a boost for common items, however, it should not be abused in such way that it will give players unfair advantages like teleportation attacks with no reprisal, dominating the events (which in turn make them even stronger), unlimited Epic commanders, and so on.

Rewards for winning the events should also not be something permanent, like the current permanent boost to units, in order to give a fighting chance to new players. A small reward of say 10 Railgun tanks is cool enough. In the end, I would think the big spenders will stop spending as well, due to having no fun, and the great scheme to grab money by Gree, back fires.