War of Nations Tips Part 2 – Arms Race

By the third day of your immunity, you should have a thriving economy producing reasonable amount of money, oil, and iron per hour. It is time to start putting up refineries, upgrade them, and pump up your army before your immunity ends.

I hope you have researched Helicopters, and better yet, the Rocket Trucks. Rocket Trucks are the advanced version of the tanks, they have the same range, and with more potent damage and better health. Your main force should at least comprises the Tanks and Helicopters, with some Jeeps, and some advanced units such as Rocket Trucks, or even Mechs.

It is better to station troops in only a few outposts and not all of them, mainly because your do not have good commanders to defend them yet, and also, your units are still weak, thus it is better to group them in bigger quantity in a few key outposts which are centrally located and they can reinforce other outposts easily if need be.

If you are one who try to avoid fight and conserve units like me, place the majority of units especially the good units in your home base. Players prefer to attack the Outposts’ Command Centers, because the battle will involve all units, it is either you win or you die. This way they can gain tremendous amount of Attack Points instantly rather than to run many trips to your home base, fighting the units little by little. Unless you somehow antagonized a player or in the wrong clan, it is seldom that your enemies would want to wipe your home base especially if you are lower level — not because they have mercy on you, but because it is not efficient and profitable for them to do so.

Please do not think 3000+ units is a lot and stop training units after you have reached the quantity. The sad fact is that, there are many sadistic players who are running around with 20,000 units destroying other players. Keep training, there are no useless units in this game (erm, well, maybe except Archinid), it is just how you utilize them.

Later part of the game, you will find that the game is just about training units and balancing the fuel consumption. Well, this is another topic which I shall not confuse you now.

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