Take a Step Back

If you are a beginner in War of Nations, you have probably built your outposts near your home base. When you reached level 30s, you will find that it takes forever for you to gather resources and you might also be running very low on fuel, lack of warehouse space because you need hundred of thousands per resources for a single upgrade, and million for a research.

If you have gold, it is time to teleport your outposts to deeper area for better resources, or start demolishing buildings and abandon the outposts. The deeper the area, the better the resources. Click on the oil and iron patches, you will see a level number, the higher the number, the better. An iron patch in 850 renegade area is worth more than 2 iron patches in the starting area.

Once you start building outposts in 450 or 850 area, it is also time to re-model your home base. Demolish any iron mines and oil dereks that is not sitting on a resource patch (you are given 2 each in your base), and rebuild some other buildings such as refineries and warehouses there. This way, you will gain additional storage space and fuel without sacrificing on the resource production.

I have seen too many players unwilling to take this step of abandoning their outposts because all the buildings are very high level. If you want to reach for greater heights, sometimes you will need to take a step back. Don’t worry about those buildings, you will gain a lot more in a very short time and because of the re-modeling, you can probably support a bigger troops as well making you an even stronger player.

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