A Brave New World

From time to time, new worlds will open in War of Nations. If you are feeling oppressed in your existing world, and already have a good feel of the game, you might want to test your skills in a new world– because everyone starts with a level playing field (of course, unless you have Gold, that is another story).

This is an intermediate guide, and if you are new to the game and started in a matured world, please read this instead. You should use this guide for just opened worlds, if you join the world after 3 to 4 days of opening, you are too late, and this guide may not apply.

1. Building Bases

You build your base as usual, starting with Home Base. You should scout a location for your Alpha immediately, and to gain as much advantage, it should be in the level 60 Renegade area with rich resources. The other reason for building it away from your Home Base is you are going to break immunity early, and your outposts may look like a farm to other players.

Same goes for your bravo, you should build in the level 60 area or even deeper. My suggestion is hold the Bravo until you joined an alliance, and build within the alliance cluster(s).

2. Joining an Alliance

Now, because everyone starts in the same level, all alliances will recruit with no Attack Points requirement, so it is the best chance for you to get into a top 10 alliance. Do not just hop into the number 1 ranked alliance, please at least investigate the background of the alliance first.

If it is a familiar alliance in your old world(s), chances are they are run by the same members, so you will have a rough gauge of their performance. For example, if the alliance is ranked outside top 50 in the old world where you came from, do not join even if they are ranked number 1 now, because it will not last. Read their advertisements, usually they will mention which world they are from, and what is their alliance rank in that world.

If you are undecided, you can observe for a couple of days before making your decision, but be aware that the Attack Points requirement will rise faster than a bull market run so the faster you make your decision, the better you are.

My suggestion is to join as soon as you identify a potential alliance. This is important for your next decision, that is, breaking out of immunity. After joining, if you are not sure whether the alliance is right for you, do not reveal too much about yourself, that is, your base coordinates, and better yet, you still maintain your default player name- Player123456789.

3. Build an Army 

Very unlike my previous guide on the focus on home building for the first few days, you should start upgrading your refineries and start training army units. This is because this will be an aggressive play, especially if you have joined a top alliance, you will be pressured to start attacks early so that the alliance can stay on top. Research at least Rocket Trucks, and if you have those early, you will be powerful force within your neighborhood.

4. Breaking the Immunity Prematurely

Yes, you will waste your free 5 days of immunity. As an experienced player, whether or not you have immunity in a brand new world does not really matter. It is because most players are as low level as you and there won’t be any high levels going after you at this stage. If you have built up good enough units, you will be pretty safe.

The idea behind this is to gain as much AP during this stage by attacking the alliance-less neighbors, so that you can get into a top alliance or not kicked if your are already in one.

Having said that, if unfortunately, you bordered an active Gold spender in your neighborhood, example, already level 20 on the 2nd day, you’d better be careful. The best way to avoid an early exit is to join HIS/HER alliance quickly when there is still no AP requirement or hit a weaker neighbor quickly to gain just enough AP to join his/her alliance.

5. Final Words

Balancing on upgrades and units is also a challenge, very unlike having the comfort of 5 days of immunity to build up slowly. Focus the upgrades in your Home Base, and keep leveling the command center and research center as the priority, the goal is to get hawks, and once you have them, you are almost ready to conquer the world.

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