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Take a Step Back

If you are a beginner in War of Nations, you have probably built your outposts near your home base. When you reached level 30s, you will find that it takes forever for you to gather resources and you might also be running very low on fuel, lack of warehouse space because you need hundred of thousands per resources for a single upgrade, and million for a research.

If you have gold, it is time to teleport your outposts to deeper area for better resources, or start demolishing buildings and abandon the outposts. The deeper the area, the better the resources. Click on the oil and iron patches, you will see a level number, the higher the number, the better. An iron patch in 850 renegade area is worth more than 2 iron patches in the starting area.

Once you start building outposts in 450 or 850 area, it is also time to re-model your home base. Demolish any iron mines and oil dereks that is not sitting on a resource patch (you are given 2 each in your base), and rebuild some other buildings such as refineries and warehouses there. This way, you will gain additional storage space and fuel without sacrificing on the resource production.

I have seen too many players unwilling to take this step of abandoning their outposts because all the buildings are very high level. If you want to reach for greater heights, sometimes you will need to take a step back. Don’t worry about those buildings, you will gain a lot more in a very short time and because of the re-modeling, you can probably support a bigger troops as well making you an even stronger player.

War of Nations Tips Part 3 – Survival

This is probably be the last topic that I am going to cover for War of Nations (WON) beginner’s guide. I might continue to pen thoughts on some intermediate tips, such as balancing fuel, so stay tuned.

Your 5 days of immunity honeymoon is over, and welcome to the ruthless, merciless, lawless, a world without honor of War of Nations. Don’t even think of spending Gold for extended immunity, because there is a minimum cool off period before you can go into another immunity. I am not sure of the exact hours required, but definitely more than 72 hours. You have no other choice but to step out boldly and embrace the world. If you have been following the tips on setting up your bases, upgrading that diligently, and you spent some Gold, you should pass level 20 by the end of your immunity, I was level 17 without even trying too hard.

The followings are an assortment of advises from my reading, observations, and also some lessons learned in the game, and could help to prolong your life in the WON world:

1. Keep Low Profile and Stay away from World Chat

  • Try not to participate in the World Chat unless you want to ask some questions. Remember my advise on keeping a low profile? If you really want to participate, DO NOT side any person/ faction in the conversation unless it involves your own alliance or real life friends. You might not know the whole picture and furthermore, what you might get yourself into. I have seen too many players being destroyed for stepping on the wrong toes. Justice can be served later when you are strong but when you are still weak, stay low.
  • It is a taboo to post others’ coordinates in World Chat, the common result is your bases will be searched and destroyed instead. Posting them in alliance chat is ok.
  • Do not tell others you are going to sleep, or off to other locations in World Chat unless you want to set a trap for some vultures. Your neighbors reading the World Chat might just decide to attack you when you are away. In sum, my advise is not to participate in World Chat at all.

2. Attacking

  • Always check before you attack. Even if the player is lower level than you does not mean he/she is weaker, check his alliance and if he/she is in a strong alliance, you better hands off and look for other targets. You do not want to attack someone in a strong alliance unless it is an all out war. Do not think that your alliance will support you all the way, if it is an unprovoked attack on a strong alliance, there is a very high chance that the members will just sit and watch, or even kick you out of the alliance.
  • The safest way to level up your attack points in the beginning is to be a scavenger, that is, look for players that have quit the game. I always look around my neighborhood, and will bookmark a few players that seems to be inactive– they always stay the same level, and damaged buildings not repaired. Sometimes you will find gem in which they have stationed huge troops in the outpost command center.
  • If you attack a player 5 levels below your level, you will not get full Attack Points, only a fraction of it, and units lost will have a lower re-build percentage. Therefore it might not be an efficient and profitable option for you. So, try to look for inactive players around the same level as you.

3. Making use of Immunity

  • You get free 12 to 24 hours immunity if your outpost is lost, there were few conflicting notes on how many outposts you have to lose before the immunity kicks in. Make very good use of this 12 hours to re-build.
  • As mentioned in the beginning, you cannot have consecutive immunity, that is, one after another. Therefore as a player with real life who needs to travel for holiday or work, involved in projects, need some time off with family, and so on, you gotta time your immunity bought with Gold well, and after you have activated one, you will need some cool off period before you can activate another immunity.
  • Never use an immunity immediately after attacking a player, this is not an honorable way to play, furthermore, you will aggravate the person being attacked further from just a little pissed off to rage level if he/she sees you doing this. Do you think they will forget about the attack after 72 hours?

4. Events

Keep a look out of the events organized by Gree, you can predict the players’ behavior from these events/missions. Some examples are as follows:

  • Raiding the NPCs. Many units will be wasted attacking NPCs, so you can expect a brief period of relaxation with less attacks, and perhaps not use your hard earned money for immunity.
  • If it is an event of accumulating highest possible Attack Points (Alliance War or Players War), and you will be away during the next few days, you should quickly bring up the bubbles before the event unfold. You can expect a high level of activities to your bases. On the other hand, you can be ensured that there will be less attacks just before the event starts.
  • Training missions may seem harmless, but has a bad after effects, players trying to achieve the goals will have a huge pile up of units putting more pressure on their fuel, thus there will be more attacks, but perhaps not very extensive.

5. Using Gold

Personally, I think it is fair to use Gold if you start late, high level bullies have started long before you, and you need Gold to level the playing field. Unless you are millionaire and do not mind just dumping money into the game, we have to spend your (or your parents’) hard earned money wisely.

  • Spend them early in the game. Hundred thousand of iron/money/oil could mean a lot in the beginning because upgrades are cheaper, and 3 hour time boost card could also mean a lot. Towards the later stage, spending Gold become less meaningful, as upgrades take days, and cost at least a few huge resource packs.
  • Do not spend Gold on Uranium and Titanium, you have little use of them early in the game. You only need them when you start building Titans.
  • Buy the resources packs when there is discount running. If you do not need the resources now, DO NOT open them. Opening them will subject them to raids by other players.
  • The best investment is commanders, grab some Elite Recruit packs, these commanders will help a lot! If you are lucky, you might even get an Epic commanders from the Elite Recruit packs. From time to time there might be discounts on these packs or promotions like higher chance of Epic commanders, grab them if you can.

6. Practice Zen (Restraint)

If you read some of my posts, I have been attacked by different high levels from major clans almost every day. Do I get angry? Yes of course, but do I retaliate? Nope. I don’t even tell my alliance who attacked me.

By retaliating, you might make matter worse because sometimes out of rage, you might return the favor in bigger magnitude, such as destroy one of his/her outposts. Do you think the other person will swallow this? He will definitely come back with bigger force, or even bring his allies to your home.

In my case, non of the attackers returned to attack me because I practice restraint. They might be planning another assault, but at least I am left alone for awhile. Remember, this is a war game, not many players will consider the feelings of other players, they are like NPCs to the attackers. The way the game is designed, having more Attack Points (AP) is everything, thus they “have” to attack in order to survive, some clans have strict rules on raising AP, failing to meet the forever raising AP requirement, the player might get kicked. If they do not send armies continuously to your base, it could mean that they are just for some APs.

(The other reason for them not returning to me is all their units were tanked by attacking my Alpha, making it a loss situation for them, little AP gained, and huge loss of advanced units, thus they probably took my name off as a potential AP farm.)

If however, you cannot swallow the attacks, and want retaliation, attack only the attacker and not other members of his alliance, else, it can potentially be blown up into a full fledged alliance war, putting all of your alliance members in great danger.

Move your troops out of the outpost if you are facing a lot of attacks, usually players are just for Attack Points and they hardly want to destroy your outposts. If everything else fails, move your outpost to a safe zone if you have the Gold, or abandon it and rebuild it somewhere else.

That’s all for now, I will update if I can think of more beginner’s tips, and hope these tips can help you survive the brutal world of War of Nations.

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War of Nations Tips Part 2 – Arms Race

By the third day of your immunity, you should have a thriving economy producing reasonable amount of money, oil, and iron per hour. It is time to start putting up refineries, upgrade them, and pump up your army before your immunity ends.

I hope you have researched Helicopters, and better yet, the Rocket Trucks. Rocket Trucks are the advanced version of the tanks, they have the same range, and with more potent damage and better health. Your main force should at least comprises the Tanks and Helicopters, with some Jeeps, and some advanced units such as Rocket Trucks, or even Mechs.

It is better to station troops in only a few outposts and not all of them, mainly because your do not have good commanders to defend them yet, and also, your units are still weak, thus it is better to group them in bigger quantity in a few key outposts which are centrally located and they can reinforce other outposts easily if need be.

If you are one who try to avoid fight and conserve units like me, place the majority of units especially the good units in your home base. Players prefer to attack the Outposts’ Command Centers, because the battle will involve all units, it is either you win or you die. This way they can gain tremendous amount of Attack Points instantly rather than to run many trips to your home base, fighting the units little by little. Unless you somehow antagonized a player or in the wrong clan, it is seldom that your enemies would want to wipe your home base especially if you are lower level — not because they have mercy on you, but because it is not efficient and profitable for them to do so.

Please do not think 3000+ units is a lot and stop training units after you have reached the quantity. The sad fact is that, there are many sadistic players who are running around with 20,000 units destroying other players. Keep training, there are no useless units in this game (erm, well, maybe except Archinid), it is just how you utilize them.

Later part of the game, you will find that the game is just about training units and balancing the fuel consumption. Well, this is another topic which I shall not confuse you now.

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