War of Nations Tips Part 1 – Setting up Bases

I do not call it a guide because as mentioned in my earlier post, I am not sure whether I could survive another day, but these are some lessons that I have learned and hope it can help other new players, or players who are struggling in the wild wild west.

I will start with building up your base.

1. Scouting the World

Hop around the different worlds, and check your starting position. If you find yourself in the middle of a ravaged world littered with decimated low level players’ bases around you, this might not be a good choice, chances are that there are sadistic bullies around who find joy in obliterating low level players. Look around, if there are many low level bases (level 15+ to 20+) in tact, great, you are in a relatively friendly neighborhood which will greatly enhance your survivability.

It is possible that the vultures are waiting for the players to grow before they attack in order to gain more Attack Points, but if they could allow you to raise pass level 20, and you follow my tips here, you just might survive the world.

In my case, my second start have me landed in a “friendly” neighborhood, where the high level players cultivated the new players for future milking. I was pretty safe throughout, and was scouted only once by a high level player when I was about level 20/21, he was probably checking whether I am ready for harvest. There wasn’t any attacks until I was in the late 20s, and now I am enduring at least 1 attack a day, which is not so bad…

If you are not sure, start in the latest servers (server with the biggest number), these are newer worlds where you might still have a good fighting chance.

2. Building Your Base

When you start the game in a new world, you will be given 5 days of immunity before the vultures are allowed to flock to you. Make very good use of these 5 days especially if you are starting in a matured world. It is best you make yourself comfortable, and have 2 to 3 undisturbed hours for the start because you want to build as much as possible. In the beginning, the upgrades only take seconds and minutes, so you want to achieve as much as possible within these few hours that you have.

Time management is key here, that is, plan all your building upgrades so that they are still working while you are away for real life or at sleep. For example, Command Center and Research Center upgrades will take longer time to upgrade, so I would leave it overnight or if it takes only a couple of hours, I will upgrade it and go to work, and check the game for awhile later.

After the initial start, you just need to check your game once in awhile and make sure they are working all time round, if you have gold, spend them during this phase and do not wait for the resources to accumulate and waste time.

Do not spend your resources in building many units now, unless you intend to build your outposts in deep area, we will start building the army only in day 3 of your immunity period or when you have overflowing resources.

The reason for this is simple, compounding interest. If you spend the resources in upgrading the buildings early, they will generate more resources for you and you can use these resources to further upgrade and in turn get more, got it? If you spent them on building army, you will be tight on resources and have to wait for them to accumulate, this is wastage of time, unless you have a lot of Gold to spend. In my case, I hardly spend any Gold at this stage.

A. Building Sequence and Planning

Just to let you know (in case you don’t) that you can build a total of 18 buildings in your home base excluding the Command Center, and you are given the factory free. So there are 17 spaces left.

Here’s the suggested building plan for the home base:

  • 2 Warehouses
  • 2 Oil Rigs
  • 3 Trading Centers
  • 2 Iron Mines
  • 3 Refineries
  • 1 Defense Grid
  • 1 Sensor Tower
  • 2 Factories
  • 1 Research Center

Build iron mines and oil dereks on patches with a resource on it, that is, oil or iron. Every home base is given 2 oil patches and 2 iron patches.You might be tempted to build another mine or oil derek on an empty patch, trust me, it is not worth it, you will demolish them later.

You can substitute some of the buildings such as a warehouse with another refinery and so on, it is entirely up to your own game play.

Leave the Sensor Tower and Defense Grid last just before your immunity ends. Since we are not building a big force now, so you can just build 1 Refinery for now, and warehouse is dependent on how fast you are accumulating resources. Just leave spaces for these buildings and do not build other buildings over them.

Upgrade the Oil Rigs, Trading Centers, Command Center and Iron Mines like mad. When you have some spare cash, you can start building your Research Center and start your researches, at least try to get to Tanks and Helicopters, ideally Rocket Trucks and beyond. Later in the game, your Research Center will also need to be in constant researching in order not to waste time. For now, it is ok to take it slightly slower. If you have Gold to spend, spend them on the researches.

B. Outpost Alpha

You can build your first outpost (Outpost Alpha) immediately and my advise is build it as soon as possible. Space it away from your home base, and make sure the hexagons do not overlap with your home base, Renegade Outposts, another player’s base, or trees. You want to get the maximum potential for this outpost and it will probably be your most important outpost because most buildings would be at advanced level in later stage.

Ideally, it should be built in area nearer to the center, at least in the level 60 renegade area (where you find level 4 to 8 renegade outposts) or deeper. Again, you will need time to scout for a suitable location, ie., no high level enemies nearby, and not near any other alliance clusters. Look for location with at least 2 or more resource patches, as you go deeper, the resource patches will yield better resources, so it is important that you have all your outposts as deep as you can defend. Because you do not have a big army and good commander now, building outposts in area deeper than 450 area (renegade outposts level 10 to 14) might be difficult.

Since it is a very important outpost, you do not want it to be too far from your home base so that you can defend it effectively. I would not build it near alliance members for now, unless you know them in real life, because you would never know when the member(s) might switch alliance or you might want to join a better one shortly, and this could spell trouble for you.

Defense grid in outpost is optional. If you intend to station troops especially long range units such as helicopters and artilleries in it, having a defense grid will give an advantage to them. Having said that, you can leave the Defense Grid to the last just before your immunity ends.

Every outposts should have a factory to train units for its own defense and/or support another outposts unless it is a specialized outposts, example, only refineries and warehouses which I strongly advise against, because a destruction of this outpost will destroy you too.

Build one of each resources here or compensate the resource that you did not build in your home base here, for example, if you have 4 Trading Centers and only 1 warehouse in home base, you might not want to build anymore Trading Centers here.

Sensor Tower is an option, I do not usually build this in any of my outposts except the L34 outposts (that is another story).

Upgrade like mad as well.

B. Outpost Bravo

After establishing your Alpha, and when you are waiting for the upgrades to complete, attack the nearest level 2 Renegade Outpost to try gaining 5 Power Cells or use Gold to buy them, they are easy to get so save yourself some gold.

Once you have your 5 Power Cells, you can build your next outpost. The location selection process is similar to the Alpha, either near your friends or near your home base or outpost Alpha. A good strategy for building outposts is stretch them towards the center, and each outpost is about 30 minutes to an hour from the nearest so you can mobilize troops between them easily, but do not make them in a straight line, it is easy for enemies to trace all of your outposts.

C. Outpost Charlie and Beyond

This will be entirely up to your own game play like whether you want to locate it in your alliance cluster. I saw many players have 4 outposts near their home base, this could seriously impact their game play later, such as low resource, and be subjected to constant attacks from other players’ home base.

That’s all for now, I will talk more about joining an alliance and others, stay tuned.

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  1. Okay so world 22 just opened up on ios so I found a very nice uranium spot but I only have two bases atm.
    My question is, Can i make my 3rd base with only one commander leading the one attack or is it possible to weaken the spot first since it has 1600 units 500 hammerheads included :/

    • Unless you spent a lot of gold, your commanders and units are not strong enough to take down the renegades at early stage of the game. Even if you are able to get one, are you able to defend it?

    • Send 1 jeep, 100 hails, 10 heli, and 500 arts with a lvl 25 comm or better. You’ll only lose the jeep and 10 heli. 😆

  2. I have learn several good stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting.
    I wonder how a lot effort you place to create such a wonderful informative site.

    my web site: hapangekuwa

    • Thanks. I usually do not write guides for games, however, I couldn’t find many guides written for WON, and thus decided to write as I play the game, hopefully it can help ease frustration for many new players.

    • i get a good alliance when i start and work up them helping em
      i was in the United Defense Force it used t be number 1 until someone hacked leader and kicked everyone

  3. I am level 31 with the highest commander at level 29. I for the life of me cannot build an outpost in the center of the map. I just keep loosing when I’m sending arts, hawks, bombers, helis and rocket trucks. The enemy units are 1100 and I can only send 1000. What am I missing? Thanks.

    • Level up your commander a little more. Ok, information below is based on what the game was when I quit, so I am not sure whether the mechanics have changed.

      For the 1000 units you are sending, put in about 10 jeeps, 10 tanks, 10 RT, the rest helicopters and arts. You should do well with such formation. Jeeps and other fast moving units are good for absorbing the brunt of enemy fire.

    • My name is Elite Archer on w39 and i have only played it for 5 days and already got hawks and a lvl 80 shphix commander [thanks to my ALLIANCE AND THAT HELPED ME]
      SEAN i advise you to get 50 more of each troop than the regained people have and you will win

  4. Hi m8, great tips !
    Could you post a base setup list for when you have 9 bases.
    How much of each building is the ideal setup ?

    • I have not played it for over 2 years, and the game might have changed. Sorry, couldn’t help u with that.

  5. hi
    How to be built, the building will enable the uranium and titanium?

  6. If u want to know what world im in, is world 37 im level 47 and i have 5 out posts and my name is
    ARTGR–DL-Swag if u want to visit me

  7. Amoh and btw i play on iPhone 5 just to let ya know

  8. my world is 39 and my alliance is YourAtFault
    i plY ON IPHONE 5S as well

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