Monthly Archives: September 2012

Fail to Shine

I have re-spec my Salarian Engineer recently, dropping the Decoy rank to 3 (which I hardly use), and increased Incinerate Rank to full. Instead of using a scoped Avenger X, I changed it to an un-scoped Mattock X, which I finally got it to rank X.

I was very eager to try it on Silver, and got myself into a game– not sure of the map name, it is the same map as the Salarian STG base in the single player game with Reapers as the enemy.

In wave 7 (?), two squad members were down. My SE was engaged in taking down a Banshee with a Human Demolisher. After taking down the Banshee, curious of a lingering Banshee shriek, I turned around, and to my horror, saw my last team mate got his heart pierced by another Banshee who sneaked from behind. By now, the Ravagers and Mauraders were closing in to our positions, and I gotta run away.

I was pretty confident at first– I had just taken down a Banshee and Brute single handedly in a prior bronze game using a Human Soldier with constant rolling, fire, roll, cover, fire… Could this be my chance to shine in Silver game? So I was all ready, pop out a decoy to distract the ravager, bombarded it with Incinerate and assault rifle fire. Got it killed. Before I could congratulate myself, I was assassinated by the same banshee who killed the Demolisher from my back…

Mission Failed.

I was in a few other Silver games with the same SE, and was doing quite badly in all the games. I think it has got to do with the Mattock. It is not because it is heavier and affecting my power cool down, but I have difficulty in releasing power with one hand while clicking madly with the other because Mattock is a semi-automatic assault rifle. So, I have to either bring the SE back to Bronze to practice more with my new combinations, or revert to my good old Avenger X.