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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Noob

I haven’t been playing much games after the nauseating Inotia 4. I booted up ME3 again after installing the Director’s Cut DLC, but was in no mood to play knowing that it changes nothing, and out of curiosity, I tried the Multiplayer game with a Level 4 Salarian Engineer.

I got hooked immediately, but I am not a good shooter player, thus having trouble to catch up with the rest of the team. Did not know how I eventually level the character to level 20, and then I started another character, using my favorite class– the infiltrator. It didn’t not go well too until a game at Firebase Dagger where I just stationed myself at the tower with another player sniping all the advancing enemies from the top while 2 other players completing the objectives at the bottom. It was the best game for me and I truly felt I contributed to the team.

From that game, I realized it is good to stick with other players as you support each other and can revive each other. What a noob I was, I bet the other players were all cursing when my Salarian Engineer was thinking of flanking the enemies from another side and died… Gee, but no body kicked me out from a game, and thus I am thankful for their patience towards a noob like me.

Soon, I read up more on how to play the multiplayer version, and realized my other mistakes such as not with the team during the hacking process, running straight to the LZ during wave 11, and last but not least, spending my credits on only the Supreme Spectre Packs hoping for super rare weapons like in any other MMORPG. I could have gotten my basic weapon to level X instead… Well, not too late to realize my mistakes and in my last game session, I bought only the recruit packs, and now I have Mattock II, Avenger II, Shuriken V, Mantis III, and so on.

Games are improving for me, and in my last 2 games, I am very close to getting to the 3rd position, not that I want to have personal glory, I still prefer to play a supportive role, but at least this gives me a good gauge on how I am performing. What’s next? Vanguard? I have never ever played a Vanguard in any of my single Mass Effect games, I bet other players will be cursing again…