Inotia 4 – Assassin of Berkel

Though Inotia 3 wasn’t the nicest game around, it is sort of fun to pass time on a simple hack & slash “RPG” game. The successor- Inotia 4, looks promising at first, but fails miserably in my humble opinion. Utter disappointment couldn’t even describe my feelings towards the game.

Let me first talk about why I thought it was promising at first:

1. The graphics is sharper, and looks a lot better than Inotia 3, that’s the first impression I got.

2. There is substantial streamlining of the game eg., the develop removed many unused potions in Inotia 3, so now you just basically have 3 types of potions with the various sizes, which does ease on the inventory. As for composition material, there are a couple less in this instalment. To further ease inventory issues, you can now have another bag, and with a potential of 80 total usable inventory slots if you pay for those 16-slot bags. If this is not enough, you can even purchase lamps that could summon a merchant, so basically removing the inventory crunch many players were facing in the last game when crawling in deep dungeon.

3. The story up till before the ending was pretty intriguing- you belong to the Shadow tribe, a small renegade tribe hiding under the Berkel Empire. Your tribe leader is plotting something, and the plan smells evil all over, but you are kept in the dark on what was his plan. At the same, the Berkel Empire is going to war with the neighbour and both you and the Channel of Light, Eara, were caught in the middle of it; also while playing the game I kept thinking of the Orc war that was brewing as well, which I thought I would eventually get involved again.The story kept me moving and took away the pain of all the grindings, and the seemingly unending dungeon crawls.

Now to the bad part of the game, which is a lot in my personal point of view, and I am only listing a few key ones which bother me a lot.

1. Firstly, the developer took away the “party”, well, you can still form a party, but only with some speechless and emotionless mercenaries whom you summon using the mercenary emblems. You do not have characters with a a name on your team. I do not know what the developer is thinking when they implement this system, it took away a lot of imagination and attachment to the team. Since Eara is with your character all the time, why don’t they make her a playable character?

2. Commercialization and money grabbing oozes everywhere in the game, which disgusted me very much. You no longer have party resurrection scroll, and if you want the same thing, pay 5 gem to get your party resurrected. The Gem has to be bought with real money. You can’t get a “hero” emblem in the game any more, you want a godlike mercenary, pay. You don’t get ultimate drops as often in the game any more, through my relentless grinding, I only came across one ultimate grade (purple) item. If you really want one, buy with gems again. Don’t bother, that’s my opinion. I paid for a full set of “God” armour with “God” weapons (all level 105 purple items) for my assassin, it does not make much difference, you can still be killed easily with only one or two shots, which bring me to my next rant.

3. The game balancing is extremely bad, bosses are so tough that you can win only with “improved resurrection scroll spamming”. The earlier part of the game was still bearable, too tough? Reload and grind another few levels. But towards the end game, my characters are all either at or near their max levels, and I couldn’t level them any more. Mind you, my main character has god like stats, with the help of paid chaos dice which leveled the character with at least 100+ points in key stats more than a normal character. I got so frustrated that I even pay for the God armor set with God like weapons, do they help? No, not at all! I could do it using the right characters combination and controlling the priest character, but I lost patience towards the end, and characters drop dead too fast to have a meaningful character control. In the end I just “hide” my main character, wait for potion to be ready, drink potion, score a few hits, when hit points is low, “hide”, rinse and repeat till the boss is dead. Luckily I am playing a rogue character with “hiding” skill. This tactic is pretty useless towards the end actually as I mentioned before, because your character die too fast.

4. Endless grinding. Grinding is a necessity in this game unlike the previous game where I completed the main game with only level 40+ characters. In this game, no. You have to grind and grind and grind, and grind some more.

5. The above could still be bearable if the story is good. Did I say the story opened up and developed nicely? Well, all I could say is it ended abruptly with not a single resolution at all! Oh god! When I saw the credit screen, I almost wanted to throw my iPad to the floor! Yes, you are still able to continue the game after the main story is over, probably saving and seeing Eara again. But the quests here are a lot worse, and it is just meaningless dungeon crawling as you would have hit the max level before the first ending. You think you are god? You will be humbled. The post game quests are so ill thought out and repetitive that after completing a few of them, I refused to play the game again any more.

There goes my rant, and I will never buy another game from the same developer ever again is an understatement, can I sue them for wasting my time?

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! 😥 i was so disappointed i didnt finish it yet but when i read it that u will not be seeing and saving eara im so disappointed wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iwant to destroy my tab wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i liked inotia then the ending was like that ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • I did not go much further after the main game was over, so if you continue, you might be able to see her. Trust me, those missions are so repetitives and so imbalanced that you will have one more reason to destroy your tab. 🙂

  2. i hate com2us guy

    I hate com2us now I hate em. I finished the game with endless redirection scrolls and that I thought was free no. It took my credit card money without permission I buy one god sword thing it then think it can take my money away d
    From me without my permission fuck no. I’m filling ccheated. Im suing em. 😈

  3. I just wasted my time. And when inotia 5 comes out? They better have the same characters in inotia 4, because Kiyan didn’t save Eara yet. I want to know whats going to happen. 🙁

    • I am not sure, you can trust I will never play another of their games. 🙂

    • stupid player…its so easy to play inotia4 u quit cuz u can’t beat the boss which means or so very weak.u should play plants vs. zombie oh maybe u can’t Cuz ur weak.I play inotia with out cheat cuz cheater are
      so very cheap. if kiyan didn’t save eara its becuZ the game is not over .quiter never win but a winner never quit

      • Dear Krvin,

        Are you from the developer trying to pose as players? 🙂

        If you read my whole post, I DID complete the whole game, thus my complains about the story. The story seemed interesting albeit a little cliche at first, but as it turned out, no resolution at all, and the developer just make players go through all the repetitive dungeons crawling to make the games look long.

        Yes, I quit the playing after a few rounds of the post ending dungeons, not that I couldn’t beat them, I could probably beat them with my hit and run tactics, but I decided that the game was not worth my time anymore. Sorry to say, the one that do not know when to stop or quit is sometimes called a retard.

      • dear krvin,

        i know how you feel about webmaster’s comment…
        but that is true, anyway it was just his/her opinion…
        the game itself is corrupt…
        never ending grinding session till u get those good equipment=waste of time…
        the game was designed to make the players addicted to it that they may even buy equipment for real money=to be more powerful? i guess? hahaha
        im also a big fan of inotia game…but that was waaay back before i realized the goal of this game…
        i know your a filipino..your grammar tells me so 😆
        for the meantime, have fun playing the game…
        its your call anyway…
        goodluck! 😉

    • I also want to know what happend next bcz i have also completed the whole story ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

  4. Havent played inotia 3 so cant compare both. honestly at first i’m very addicted to inotia 4, i grind and grind continously for hours a day.
    Some bosses like the ugly alien-like final(or not?) boss was hard to defeat so need extraa grinding and pot/improved resu scroll
    Btw i defeated him at lvl 101 and burn about 40++ improved resu scroll haha screw me
    About in game shop, couldnt give a thought because i didnt buy ANYTHING from them (and im glad)
    But yeah inotia 4 ending veryt cliffhanger and makes me thinks wtf with this ending, what about eara, what will happen to her?. And it also becoming more boring after main storyline end, so because im too lazy, until now i havent finish the memory layer ._. (Is it any good if i finished it?)
    Overall this game is good enough as mobile rpg game

  5. I was so disappointed when I learned about the ending, I’m at the 4th level of Kiyan’s memory, without cheats and without buying anything using gems, I actually never played it with my internet on.. Kiyan didn’t save Eara at all.. #DISAPOINTED!!!

  6. i use warlock no cheat no Cash at all and i still beat the game Lucky because i use combination of full crit warlock tanker priest and crit assasin. well the ending is not really make sense if kiyan kill his brother azad

  7. ❓ I cannot believe that this is going to happen! I wanted eara and kiayn to fall in love! This is terrible! They’re ruining a little girls dreams!!!!! 😥

  8. I still haven’t finish the game. Im still at the memory layer is not that i cant beat the bosses but i love exploring the game i figured after u finish it, it would become boring because you already finish your goal for now i am trying to increase my assasin crit so far my crit is 30k but is not enogh.

  9. Hey Are you using assasin too?? But i never do Improved scroll spam just do Whist + Assasin Sword and i am Lv 105 too. I never use improved scroll for avatar just for mercenaries.

  10. Ridwane Rashid Raadh

    In don’t know what to say about this game but does this game has really an end?I am in kiayan’s memory lair 4 with Warlock and my experience levelis 105.Now I playing in Endless Snowfield.Do guies want to know why I am still playing it?Because I want to see the end of this game and hope I can finish this game.And I am not using any cheats.Does anyone has really finished Inotia 4?

  11. I have not finish the game yet but I think I should end up the game and see the ending because I would like to see kiyan and eara fall in love then I am going to finish the layers first…….

  12. I know its very late to say this since this game is somewhat old

    I just finished the game including kiyan’s memory layer.

    Im very disappointed

    Nothing special happened, the story didn’t even continue.

    There’s no overall conclusion

    The memory of kiyan does not even connect to the main story.

    After defeating the tentacle freak for the 2nd time and that’s it.

    The game just says “congratulations you just finished the game”

    I just want the ones that did not continue to finish the game to know what happened when you finish the memory layer, just so u won’t waste time just by wondering what will happen next on the story.

  13. Please i want inotia 5 and continue the ending of inotia 4. And i wish LUCIO was there

  14. Yea I beat the game Inotia 4 lvl 105 had one purple class weapon which I found in memory layer 4 was a staff to really good weapon actually. But yea I agree with all negative comments bout the game having beat it not see rest story wow…. Lol I’m done but still I just like sling blade used say I reckon it was good…uhm Kay

  15. Finished it with terrible feeling.. The games sucks.. After i struggle to kill bosses at last memory layer and get back to real world..just tq for playing ending.. Wtf wheres eara? What happen.. Theres is no happy endibg in this games.. New player in this games i tell u all,dont play it or u will have same feeling like me.. Com2us jerks

  16. As long as you have a Mage and an Assassin, you can plow through any boss.

    Use the rapid fire of Mage (example repeatedly press forward D pad and attack) and Assassins invisibility skill. And the entire games is gonna be so easy.

  17. Played the game with a ranger. Started out smooth as butter. But as the game progressed, the story line became repetitive. Got frustrated at the final boss and did not finish the game. (Effin’ too hard)

    I found a mod apk and reinstalled the game using it. I was able to finish the game really quick; the final boss, and the memory layers. Got REALLY disappointed after finishing the game.
    “Congratulations on finishing inotia 4. See you on the next adventure”, it says. Shit I really expected a better ending than this. The gameplay kept on promising kiyan returning to the real world. But no. Nothing. Kiyan went back to berkel capital. I did expect him having a duel with his brother, saving eara and endagering the whole of inotia at the same time.

  18. Kiyan & Azad

    This game requires patience bcz the last part of the story has kota of fusion machines but has nearly no merchants (except if u stock up lamps) also that wE have to beat like these freaking bosses with godlike def and atk which is like impossible. My character is a Black Knight and I got a Warlock and Assasin with me, I’m not going to give up bcz I need to see the ending

  19. this game really seem promising, and i mean really!!
    however it ended badly and it’s story line was lame … i should’ve played dungeon hunter instea 😐

  20. just finished it today…very dissapointing ending. Shouldnt have play. I search the internet to find the optional ending, and seems everyone feel the same.

  21. I finished the game it took me 2-3 fcking weeks to beat the Final Boss,(Not the whole Game just the final boss) You can barely use the Hit and Run tactic to the FB because it throws an attack that follows you and kill you instantly, if your char. and mercenaries are buffed it will left you 50-100 HP, the range of the FB boss is so OP you’re no where to hide, there’s more it summons a fcking Mob that follows you and kill your char. if you run and it deals damage so much!. I’ve killed the Weak mobs over and over again just to get tons of resurection scrolls and tons of potions before entering again. I’m so desprate to finish the Game and bought the Gods thing and chant it for so many fcking times. And after beating the boss you gived me the shit “See you again in the next story” That’s BS Inotia5? It took me ages to finished the fcking Game. I’m so done.

    I played Black Knight, Priest, and Another Black Knight but in the Final Boss I switched my Priest to Warrior because she doesn’t deal any damage and she dies first.

  22. I thought the memory layer was still a part of the storyline and after dying to know what the end is because the memory layer boss was tough as shit and I only killed 3 of them, I decided to search the ending and BOOM, that was yhe useless ending that I got!! no resolution at all. ugh I never should have wasted a year on the game.

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