Kai Leng in Thessia

My FemShep Infiltrator (2nd run) was on Thessia yesterday night, and I was cringing when I thought of what’s going to come next — the “un-win-able” battle with Kai Leng. In my last run, this was a troubling battle as I didn’t know what to expect and kept dying from the gunship fire.

This time, I am more prepared and know what to expect, when the cutscene was over, my FemShep went into the nearest cover, clicked on tactical cloak, and give Kai Leng a good head shot with the Black Widow.

Kai Leng went into emergency mode immediately and started calling help to the gunship while he posed and re-charge. My FemShep waited patiently for Kai Leng to be ready, and give him another head shot.

Kai Leng cried, “I am under attack, need covering fire while I re-charge!”

Waited again for the gunship fire to be over, gave him another shot, and it’s over. Just 3 shots from the Black Widow.

One should not play the Infiltrator class, it makes the frustration of Shepard very unconvincing here, and it is even more funny to read the email from Kai Leng later, wtf is he talking about? If not because of his plot armor, he would have died without my FemShep breaking a sweat.

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