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Inotia 3 Children of Carnia

I have installed this game for a year on my Android phone, but didn’t really play much of it because playing games on the phone would drain the battery like a running faucet.

While browsing the Apple App Store recently, I saw a new release – Inotia 4 Assassin of Berkel, so I decided to install Inotia 3 on my iPad and complete it before playing the newer release. The game is free on Android, but cost $0.99 on IOS.

I have since completed the first segment of the game, and here’s what I think of the game: It is not bad forĀ  passing time; but if you are looking for a Baldur’s Gate or Dragon Age, you will be utterly disappointed. Be warned.

Basically it is a hack and slash game with a confusing story, and the battles & quests get old very quickly– Need some information from NPC? Please help him/her kill 10 of Beast X. After completing the task, some of them might go again, “Thanks, but I need another 20 of Beast Z”. You get the idea. Sometimes I got so frustrated that wish there was an option to shout: “Look at my blades!”.

The nice part of the game is the monster drop, sometimes you can be surprised by a nice piece of armor from just a random monster, and along the way you can pick up recipe and composition material to craft your own potions and etc. However, the inventory is so small that even after purchasing the Adventurer’s Pack with real money for 3 additional 16-slot bags, it is still not enough to hold the stuff as there are at least 15 different types composition material alone.

The final battle is extremely tough, I managed to defeat the final boss only by spamming resurrection scroll that can resurrect the entire team with full health and mana. Did I mention I bought the Adventurer’s Pack? It comes with 10 resurrection scroll as well… If you are not willing to part with real money, do not waste the 2 free scrolls that were given at the beginning of the game or be prepared to grind till a higher level before fighting the boss.

I am currently on the “after game” mode, where there is a new adventure for the party, but it is the same old help me kill 10 of this and 10 of that kind of quest. Not sure whether I will have the patience to complete it.

Toy Defense

Installed Toy Defense onto my iPad recently and got hooked by it. It is basically a tower defense game in a toy soldiers setting, and the objective is to stop the enemies’ rush to your base in each level if you are familiar with this game genre. The major difference between this game and other tower defense games is the enemy units will shoot at your defensive units, and the unit may be destroyed if not repaired on time.

The game is simple enough with 4 basic type of units as follows, and each unit will have 2 separate upgrade paths:

  1. Infantry. The cheapest and most robust units of all, able to shoot both air and ground troops. The main weakness is against armored units, whereby it hardly causes a dent on the enemy’s vehicles.
  2. Flamethrower. A very effective unit against ground troops, and quite alright against armored units. At higher level, it can hit multiple units at the same time (have yet to try).
  3. Cannon unit. This packs a great punch against armored units. The main weakness is the rate of fire is slow, and in a mixed infantry + tank rush, it might just focus on the infantry units, therefore you will need to have other units such as infantries to team with it. It is the most expensive unit and you will probably not able to afford it until late in the level.
  4. Artillery. This is only good for defense against air strikes. You will need a few of such units to defend against aerial units in every level except the first few levels.

The game is not easy at all, I have learnt that the most annoying enemy unit is not the impregnable tanks, but the puny infantry units. It is because the game would employ mad infantry rush with hundreds of them rushing to your base! If you are keen only to get pass a level and not so much into having a perfect score, you just need to defend against infantries effectively and you should be fine– letting 50 tanks and 40 planes pass, and you will still have 10 points left on your tower to scrape through the level.

After you have completed a level, you will be rewarded “star” points, and the amount of “star” points awarded is depending on the life points of your tower at the end of the game. These “star” points can be used to upgrade your units or as a saving grace in some unforgivable levels — exchange for tower life points or cash for units deployment.

Before you proceed to the next level, the game will also allow you to save 3 units for the next game, this is quite crucial if you want an easier start on the next game as these units can be purchased at 30% discount in the next game, and they can be upgraded without having to gain the required experience as other normal units. So choose your units wisely — example saving 3 cannons will save you substantial cash, but you won’t be able to deploy them until late in the game vs saving 3 infantries will give you a relatively easy start but you do not save much money as infantry units are cheap.

I am enjoying it so far and it has taken away my time on Mass Effect 3.