Mass Effect 3 Second Run

I have started a second run of the game using Infiltrator imported from ME2.

The Infiltrator is, IMHO, very over powered, and very fun to play with. The game is so much easier in this run with the same difficulty setting– battles that seemed like impossible in my last run was a cake walk now. I remember dying numerous times during the Citadel mission especially the part with Phatoms and Nemesis, but not in this run, in fact, some battles turned out very differently, many messy battles in my last run was pretty easy this time as the Infiltrator sniped the enemies before they are even ready! Cool.

My favorite sniping riffle now is the N7 Valiant. Have not purchased the Black Widow yet, and will see which is a better sniping riffle.

Complains on Tuchaka saga:

1. How did Wreav even know my Shepard destroyed the Genophage research data? Maelon was killed, and Mordin did not survive the suicide mission, could it be Miranda? She was the only surviving person who was with me in that mission.

2. If the Reapers want to stop the cure, the destroyer could have just smashed the shroud tower. Or the Salarian STGs could have bombed the tower if they are not in favor of curing the Genophage instead of just sabotaging the tower.

3. How did Wreav learn to fly the Kodiak? Thought Krogans are not allowed to own any space faring vehicles?

The happy ending from this was I fooled Wreav into believing the Genophage was cured.


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