Mass Effect 3 Day 13

Warning: Spoiler Alert

I am on the 13th day of playing the game, clocked over 35 hours so far, but I suspect a lot of the time was passed idling in Normandy where Shepard was left staring at Miss Traynor while I am doing something else.

Have been busy scanning new sectors for war assets, tidying up the quests list, and currently in the middle of Geth Dreadnought quest.

Despite some minor complaints like the Cerberus, how the mini assignments are being handled, and etc, I have enjoyed the game very much. Did I mention the battles are pretty tough to handle for a shooter idiot like me? At times I wanted to give up or lower the difficulty level like engaging 3 brutes or 2 Banshees at the same time…

I have developed a very careful approach, whenever I step into an open area, hmm… clips lying around, hint hint. Look around for good sniping spots and hang in there to wait for enemies to appear. My favorite sniping riffle is the M-13 Raptor. This is probably the best weapon in the game so far! I wasn’t impressed with the damage and stats of the riffle at first and was reluctant to switch from my trusted Viper, but boy, the firing rate alone makes up for all the shortcomings. Atlas? No problem, snipe it from a distance, and it will be done after emptying 2 full clips onto it. Javik’s grenade is invaluable as well, I couldn’t think of other ways to pass the few Cerberus Nemesis and Phantoms in Citadel except throwing these grenades at them.

The hardest decision that I have made so far is the curing of Krogan Genophage. I have no problem accepting the quest at first in order to get the Turians and Krogans working with each other. Furthermore, in this character’s play through in ME2, the data for the cure is preserved.

As the game progressed, seeing how violent and vengeful Wreav is, my resolve was shaken, especially before landing on Tuchaka, Shepard was given the option of sabotaging the cure by the Salarians. I kept my silence all the way, contemplating the options, until finally reaching the Shroud Tower. I took a deep breath, recalling the good friend Grunt who sacrifice himself to get Shepard out, believing there is still good in the Krogans and that Urdot Bakara will become the true leader and there will be finally peace with the Krogans, I proceeded with the cure. Wow. Talk about how hard a decision is in a game, I don’t recall I have to make such a hard decision in any games that I have played and it surpasses the dilemma before the final battle in DAO.

I wonder how will this will play out with another character where there is no Grunt, the data destroyed, Maelon & Mordin dead.

The other very nice change in the game which I have mentioned before is the squad mates do not just stand at their location all the time, they will go to different parts of Normandy, chat with each other, and visit to Citadel as well. I have had a great time with Garrus at the Citadel shooting the bottles and let him win on that– the game portrayed the doom day mood pretty well here, just do whatever harmless fun you would like, as who knows when is your turn to die in the midst of a Reapers invasion? For my Shepard, he is just glad to have a heart to heart talk with Garrus, and made his day.

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