Mass Effect 3 Day 11

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Had good gaming sessions last couple of days and made a lot of progress, completed the Tuchanka quest, 2 N7 quests, and the Citadel II priority quest.

Last week, I made a post on how we are meeting ex-squad mates/ associates left, right, and center, this time round, I am seeing them dying one by one – first it was Mordin, followed by Thane. The demise of Thane is quite emotional for me, and I had this emptiness feeling after leaving the hospital, luckily I bumped into Jack in the Purgatory and felt a lot better after that- “Everyone knows you can’t dance!”, lol, hope she doesn’t have to die… I like Jack a lot more in ME3, perhaps because Shepard is no longer working for the Cerberus? Back in Normandy, my Shepard had a good talk with Garrus at the memorial wall about death. I think this part of the game is very well done.

Back to Cerberus. They are just plain evil this time, and seems so illogical to me. If Cerberus has maintained their moral ambiguity in ME3, the game will be a lot more interesting– should we work with Cerberus? Or at least come to a compromise? I am just curious why didn’t the Illusive man contact Shepard after all the sabotages by him? My Shepard didn’t leave in bad terms with the Illusive man except bombing the Collectors’ base, and have sort of “soften” his perception of Cerberus while working with them.

Somehow, the human Alliance hatred for Cerberus is also very unusual. In reality, it should be very different, the humans might not be agreeable to the means of Cerberus, but they should not hate the group who is promoting their interest. Just like in real life, Country “A” though officially condemned it’s own terrorist group, but on the ground, the people do not hate them and might even sympathize with the group, which is different from the victims.

I guess I have hit the mid way point of the game like “Horizon” quest in ME2. I picked up a lot of quests in Citadel… Gee, I really don’t like how the mini quests are implemented in ME3- because I didn’t speak to the person that requires assistance, it is difficult for me to remember who actually gave the quest and where is he/she located. What I have done after finding a few items is, to run around and see if anyone is “talkable”. Bad implementation.

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