Mass Effect 3 – War Readiness

As I gathered more war assets against the Reapers, I noticed this bar “War Readiness” did not change whether I have completed a mission or recruited a new squad member or not. I searched the net for information on this, and to my “horror”, I need to play multiplayer games and/or Mass Effect Infiltrator and/or the Mass Effect Datapad in order to increase it!

This is so wrong. The Mass Effect 3 should be a complete game by itself, and not require the playing of other games to increase the war readiness! I do not like Multiplayer games, and from what I read, you can only play the multiplayer game on Xbox which I do not own.

I am glad I do own an iPad, and for those who do not own either a xbox or iPad/iPhone will have their games crippled, which in my opinion, is seriously unfair.

I have since downloaded the Mass Effect Datapad, and is trying hard to increase the war readiness, hopefully it will be in time for my final confrontation with the Reapers. As for the ME Datapad game itself, it is not only boring, slow, not sensitive to touch on the buttons, but buggy too. I absolutely hate it.

Not sure whether the war readiness will be reset in a new game, if it does reset, it will seriously impact the re-playability of the game.

Bad move, Bioware, bad move.

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