Mass Effect 3 Installation

Sometimes delayed gratification do pay off. I collected my Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition (PC version) from the local game shop on the 6th March, and did not try installing it until 10th March.

I was stumped when “Origin” was installed instead of the game, and the game just wouldn’t install no matter how many times I re-inserted the DVD, and tried clicking the ME3 icon. So I just put it aside and thought of figuring it out in the next few days. My initial reaction was, maybe I got a faulty disc.

I searched the Internet, and to my surprised that I was not the only one having problems on installing the game, many eager and adventurous players have gotten themselves in trouble when they tried to install and keyed in their product code, putting themselves in a fixed that they have to download the entire 10GB of content from EA website. Thank my lucky star.

I searched the net again a few days later, and followed the instruction from this post, and it just worked!

Here’s what happened, I updated the Origin when it started, and keyed in the product code in Origin. Exit Origin without clicking or typing anything else. When I re-started Origin, the code was still there, and followed the installation steps in Origin. Finally I completed the installation.

I installed the DLC “From Ashes” via Origin, this time, I did not exit and re-start Origin. Just key in the product code, and the process started automatically.

As for other “bundled equipment” from the Collector’s Edition, I didn’t try using Origin to install, but use instead.

That’s how I install my game, DLC, and additional equipment, and hope the above will help other players caught in similar situation.

Final verdict, Origin might be a cool idea, but it is not cool to ship it when it is not ready at all, EA and Bioware should have tested the installation process more thoroughly.

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