Mass Effect 3 Day 9

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Completed the request from the Turian Primach, and should now be ready to free the Krogans of the Genophage.

Again, Cerberus is everywhere, and why is Cerberus stopping the Turians from defusing the bomb? If Reapers are not stopped, Cerberus will be gone too? Perhaps they are so strong that they can face the Reapers alone? Which is not a very far fetch idea because the army they have is so massive (you see hordes of them in every other missions) that they could conquer the Universe.

Now you don’t see the squad members standing at their locations forever as in ME2, it is nice to see Garrus sitting in the lounge chatting with Liara. Very nice change. The only odd one is, why is Wreav always so busy typing on the computer? Talking about Krogan using the computer, it is funny to receive an email from Grunt.

I am finding the planet scanning a nuisance now, mainly due to the Reapers, and I suspect some systems’ resource might not be available yet though it shows 50% harvested, if this is the case, the game should indicate 100% and reduce the percentage when new resource is available. I will continue to scan after every mission to see if I can get everything to 100%…

The available squad members in ME3 seems small, though I have met a number of ex-squad mates, only Garrus & Liara are in the team. I was happy initially to finally be able to bring another ex-squad mate back to the Normandy — Mordin, but I can’t bring him to missions, and he will just be at the med bay. Hmmm… Anyhow, my soldier Shepard’s favorite team is Javik and Garrus, this team will make the missions like cake walk. I do not know how to make good use of EDI yet, have to try a few more times.

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