Mass Effect 3 Day 8

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Completed the Missing Krogans mission.

I was pretty emotional at the end of the mission where Grunt asked Shepard to leave while he held off the indoctrinated Rachnis. While watching the cutscene, my thought was I wronged Grunt so much– he was a character that I did not like very much in ME2, mainly because in a dialogue with him in ME2, he mentioned that he would fight Shepard one day. Furthermore, a perfect Krogan is a perfect threat to the Universe. Never thought he would sacrifice himself for Shepard.

So in one of my ME2 play through, I “engineered” an ending where it was hopeless for the Krogan — Killed Maelon, destroyed the research data, and I even made sure Grunt and Mordin stay dead in the Suicide Mission. Not sure how the game will play out with such ending, but I am regretting that decision, and hopefully it is not the Infiltrator character that I wanted to import to ME3.

Man, am I relief to see a blood soaked Grunt climbed up before Shepard left the planet? Well done, Bioware.

Other thoughts from the last few days of playing:

1. The result of Bioware trying to fulfill every fans’ whims of returning characters, is we bumped into every one of them at every corner. I have lost count on how many I have met so far, it sure makes the Mass Effect universe seems so small. It could be implemented in a more discreet way like you only heard news of a few them from ex-companions, space out the encounters a little more, or some of them could have been with Shepard from the beginning especially the human companions and crew, as it was only 6 months after the events of the Arrival DLC, thus reducing the “they are everywhere” kind of feeling.

2. Cerberus is everywhere. The threat is about Cerberus or the Reapers? Or both? I have yet to find out. I thought there should be more missions like the Missing Krogans, where Shepard will try to reduce the Reapers’ strength by eliminating some of their lesser subjects instead of fighting the Cerberus. ME3 also totally eliminated the greyness of Cerberus Bioware was trying so hard to build in ME2. In ME3, they are just plain evil. The plot will be a lot better if Cerberus is portrayed the same (grey) in ME3, adding the twists that would make Shepard contemplate whether to support Cerberus effort or not in some missions.

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