Mass Effect 3 Day 5

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Aria T’Loak did lose Omega to the Cerberus. I wanted to laugh at her, but unfortunately, I wasn’t given a dialogue choice. I would probably help her just for the fun of checking what kind of assistance she could provide for fighting the Reapers. I find that generally there are a lot less dialogue choices in ME3, some doesn’t even give you a chance to say “NO”. You either reply “Yes” with a smile or not.

I realized I picked up a lot of side quests in Citadel without even talking to anyone, now you just need to run around to pick up side quests, how cool is that? In ME4, side quests will automatically update to your journal when you step into a location and save you from even running around. Gee… Are we over simplifying things nowadays? One of the fun part in RPG is talking to people whether important characters or not, find out some background information, and sometimes be surprised by a quest or gift.

Met Jack in the Grissom Academy quest. She looks a lot better than in ME2, and has a funny quote when you first met her, something like, “We are asking help from the Alliance and they responded by sending their King of Boy Scouts!”

I have done two N7 side quests in ME3 so far, and find them to be a lot better than the ME2 equivalent, good job.

Crashes: Encountered 2 crashes, one in day 4 and one in day 5. Both crashes needed a reboot of computer.

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