Mass Effect 3 – Day 2 & 3

Warning- Spoiler Alert

The enemies’ AI has definitely improved, I am on “normal” and the battle seems tough to handle even for a small N7 quest. In one of the sub quest, I thought it would be like those 15 minutes Cerberus quests in ME2, that you just go in, shoot, retrieve object, and go.

I was surprised by the waves of enemies, and died a few times. The enemies are not only stronger, they will flank you from all directions/ camouflage and charge towards your positions. I have yet to learn an effective way of countering them, for now, my Shepard is relegated to guarding the back as the Squad mates usually ignore the enemies coming from behind. While in some battles, I was fortunate to be positioned in some unreachable ground like roof top, and picked the enemies one by one from there.

Final thought after day 3: The Illusive Man has no need of Shepard in ME2, they have wasted their billions of credits! A small team of Cerberus army alone will kick the Collectors’ asses hard.

Other thoughts: If Salarians were just lizards (they eat flies, lol) 50,000 years ago, they sure evolved in an extremely fast pace. What if our house geckos have evolved at the same speed? Will they be driving around our houses now?

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